How to make the most of a dressing table

How to adapt a dressing table to be versatile in your home

Whether it’s white, grey or a whole different colour, your dressing table could be more versatile than you know. As we prepare for the potential of a working from home Winter, and the prospect of everyone in the household potentially working under the same roof if schools are to close (again), we’re turning our thoughts into creating multi-purpose spaces to suit every member of the family. After all, we all need space to concentrate, relax and be comfortable – which is why we’re showing you how furniture can be adapted to suit your needs with a few simple tweaks.

Take a minimalist coffee table, for example, or a barely used dresser and consider their endless possibilities. In this handy guide, we’re focusing on a few top tips for how to repurpose your bedroom’s simple white or grey dressing table into an inspiring working desk space, bureau and beyond.

Cut down on clutter

If your dressing table came with storage, take a look inside. You’ll need to find a new home for whatever’s in the drawers and scattered across the top. One of the easiest ways to clear the build up of old make up and cosmetic products is to check the 6, 12 or 24 month use by dates on them. Out of date? Pitch them out. Elsewhere, use storage tidies or boxes to rehome jewellery, while a small side table can host your mirror and everyday essentials.

Create a clean working space

If small piles of dust have been building up, bring the dressing table downstairs and give it a clean. Now it’s shiny again, it’s your chance to find the best place for it – maybe in the living room, dining room or even the kitchen if you’ve got a large, open plan design. Consider whether you want to face the wall or look out on the room when you’re sat at it. And if you’re using it for working, remember to think about what your backdrop will look like for video calls.

Try a stripped back style

Next up, it’s time to decide if your desk’s design needs adapting. If the dresser comes with detachable drawers, added flair pieces or intricate features – there’s a good chance you may wish to take them off, as it will help your dressing table look more like a desk in its new home.

Picking the perfect table

Plenty of people will be repurposing their upstairs vanity table, but if you don’t have one – starting from scratch is just as simple. We’ve got a wide selection of stunning dressing table styles on offer, from narrow charcoal shapes to classic white gloss designs. And the best part is, you can still use our tips and tricks to transform it so it perfectly suits your needs too.

Find the right seating

When spending any amount of time at your new desk, you’ll soon notice that having the right chair is crucial for a comfortable sitting position. Whether it means you need to add a few cushions or treat yourself to a new seat, being at the right height will make life easier. And if you want to upgrade your chair’s look, you can always upcycle it to match your desk’s style too.

Accessorise to maximise

Making the most of your dressing table is all about making it work for you. Your drawers are the perfect place to store important papers, pads and to-do lists – while the top surface is your chance to add some personal flair, from plants to pen pots and even a nice lamp or two.

Keep the power on

If you are using your desk to study, write or work from home, then it’s highly likely that you’ll be using a laptop or phone at your desk. With that in mind, it’s worth thinking about where the plug sockets are in your chosen room, and putting your desk as close to them as you can. After all, you don’t want extension or charger cords trailing all across the room.

Make light work with a mirror

It might not be practical for working at, but if you’re keeping your dressing table as an extra storage space and surface around the home, a mirror can be the perfect way to make your room seem bigger. What’s more, they’re excellent for enhancing any natural light by reflecting it back into the room too.

Enjoy your new space

As the saying goes, ‘A change is as good as a rest’, so it’s essential to make time to appreciate your new desk once all the hard work’s done. Plus, now you’ve got a new working environment to feel inspired in – even if you can sometimes hear the washing machine in the background.

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