How to make a portrait plant pot with kids

How to make a portrait plant pot with kids

child decorating plant pots
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How to make a portrait plant pot with kids

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Project Overview

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Creative kids will love making painted-portrait pots with globs of tester pot paint and stamps made from veg. They can make a crazy face on each pot and plant in herbs that’ll flourish into funky green hair. Personalise the pots to make great gifts that will be especially loved by grandparents, aunties and uncles; the herby hair means they’re useful to have around too.

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  • Step 1. 1.

    Painting is always a bit messy so get prepared by putting down plenty of newspaper before you begin.
  • Step 2. 2.

    Use tester pot paint to decorate your pots, they’re cost effective too. Use paper plates for mixing the colours
  • Step 3. 3.

    Paint a bright fun face on the front of your pot, use magazines, books and real people for inspiration.
  • Step 4. 4.

    Fruit and vegetables make great stamps for your design; potatoes, carrots and celery are some of the simplest veg to use.
  • Step 5. 5.

    When you’ve finished painting, and the paint has had time to dry, plant your herbs in your pot to give your portrait some hair
  • Step 6. 6.

    If you are keeping your painted pot outside make sure you varnish your pot to protect it from the elements.
  • Step 7. 7.

    Painted-portrait pots bring hours of fun and make an ideal gift for family and friends
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