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How to Host Your Own Garden Festival

garden festival

Festival season is upon us- but this year, it’s going to have to look a little different. Not to worry, you don’t have to give up your festival fix completely. Why not bring the fun a little closer to home and host your very own festival themed garden party?

Creating your own garden festival is a great excuse to get friends and family together in an outdoor space that’s catered to people of all ages.

Transforming your garden into a festival themed backdrop may seem like mission impossible – but with some clever planning and a little help from Homebase, you can learn how to make your garden look like a festival and host your own main stage event.


Before you start 

Some of these steps may require product assembly and the use of some power tools. Read our DIY Safety Tips, along with your tool manuals, to keep everyone safe.


Decide on a theme

This part is simple. Just think about what festival you’ve always wanted to go to – or are missing the most!

From Glastonbury to Glitterbox, whichever festival you want to re-create in your own garden will help you decide on what type of decorations and entertainment you should go for.


Festival prep

garden shed

Now you’ve got your theme and sent out your guest list, it’s time to start your garden festival makeover.

Give your grass a quick mow and remove any weeds – if you’re unsure of which weedkiller is best, you can find some help here.

You may also want to give the BBQ a clean, as no festival themed garden party is complete without burgers and hot dogs.

To give your guests as much space as possible, tidy away any garden clutter. A garden shed or an outdoor storage box will keep everything organised.


Create your zones

Dividing your garden into different sections is a sure way to make your garden look like a festival.

If your outdoor space allows, three should be more than enough.

One for entertainment and dancing, a second for cooking and drinks, and a third for relaxing.


Set the scene

Garden chairs and games

The great thing about hosting your own festival themed garden party, is that your guests are never far from somewhere to take a break.

For a Glastonbury-at-home setup, install some large colourful flags into your flowerpots and hang multi-coloured ribbon on your fencing. Add some camping chairs with cushions and throws for the ultimate relaxation space.

Got some VIPs on your guest list? Create a comfy corner with a large garden sofa for a more sophisticated approach.

Of course, no festival is complete without music. If any of your guests have a hidden musical talent, create a small stage for them on your patio or decking and put all eyes on them with solar spotlights. Or, plug in outdoor or Bluetooth speakers and create a playlist of your favourite festival performances.

Finally, drape some string solar lighting along the edge of your fence and don’t forget to think about an outdoor heating solution. This will ensure the party can continue after the sun goes down – just be wary of neighbours and noise levels!

Top tip: Ask your guests for playlist requests beforehand, so you can cater to everyone’s tastes.


Food and drinks

Outdoor garden bar

Outdoor food stalls and smoky BBQ flavours are the essence of the festival scene, so be sure to recreate this for an authentic feel to your garden festival.

Choose a BBQ that is big enough to cook for all your guests, and make sure you have all the right BBQ tools you need to be a grilling connoisseur. If you feel like you need a little inspiration, check out our BBQ Accessories Guide.

Make things easy for yourself and set up a buffet-style table for your guests with plenty of serve ware. Fill recyclable or reusable dishes with condiments and have plenty of eco-friendly napkins and glasses to hand. Mason jars are great for holding cocktails and fruit punches – plus afterwards, you can fill them with fairy lights to place outside.

Warm drinks are a thing of the past when you host your own festival themed garden party. Wow your guests with an outdoor bar – which you can find out how to make here – and stock up on cool boxes or fill planters with ice instead, for something makeshift.

Top tip: You could ask your guests to bring a dish each of their own – anything from potato salad to stacked nachos – to contribute to the buffet table!


Festival entertainment

DIY giant jenga

As English weather is unpredictable, think about an outdoor shelter option – such as a gazebo or awning. These options are also multifunctional – whether you’re looking for shade from the blazing sunshine or protection from a sudden Summer shower.

Keep everyone entertained with outdoor games like adults-only beer pong and shot roulette. Or a game of giant Jenga, for a family-friendly approach!

You could even set up a face painting or plant pot painting area for the kids. If you’re still stuck for ideas, check out our Kids Garden Party Ideas guide.


The small details

outdoor cinema

Now it’s time to have a little fun. Just like you would see at any real-life festival, stick up some signage so your guests can find their way.

For example, a playful Toilets sticker or Staff Only one along the entry point to your outdoor bar can really help bring your party to life. You could also make your own signage with chalkboard paint to welcome your guests.

Don’t forget to have SPF to hand if it’s a sunny day, along with citronella candles to keep bugs from crashing your garden festival.

Lastly – hand out some wristbands, hang a disco ball from a tree and create an outdoor cinema with a projector and bedsheet to playback those amazing festival memories. Check out our guide on how to make an outdoor cinema for help with this last bit!


And there you have it! Now you know how to make your garden look like a festival, don’t forget to share pics of your garden festival on social media and tag us @homebase_uk.




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