How to Make a Halloween Door Hanger

an image of a halloween doorhanger

Celebrate the spooky season and scare yourself with your own DIY skills.

This quick and easy Halloween door hanger guide is a simple arts & crafts project that’s perfect for kids to help with. Plus, it will be a real treat for when your trick or treaters arrive!  

First things first, here’s what you need:



Before you start

Read our DIY Safety Tips guide and tools’ instruction manuals to keep everyone safe, and make sure you unplug any hot tools after use and keep them away from children.


  1. Draw the coffin shape door hanger

    With the help of your ruler, draw the outline of a coffin onto a plywood sheet. These are going to be the lines you will cut along with the multi-saw attachment.

    Top tip: Use a pencil so you can easily rectify any mistakes.

  2. Cut out the shape of your Halloween door hanger

    Attach the mini-Saw attachment to your Dremel multi-tool and secure the plywood using the clamp from the Dremel multi-vice.

    Then, use this to cut along the pencil lines – the mini-saw’s guide point will help you keep your cuts straight.

  3. Sand down the edges

    Using the EZ SpeedClic Sanding Mandrel and a 13mm sanding band, sand down the sides and round off the corners to make sure there are no sharp edges or points.

  4. Drill the hole for hanging

    At the top centre of your Halloween coffin-shaped door hanger, mark a circle. Swap the Sanding Mandrel for a drill bit and drill through the mark you’ve just made.

    This hole is for the string to allow you hang the door hanger when complete.

  5. Draw your design

    Using your ruler and pencil mark out the design that you are going to do pyrography on to bring your door hanger to life!

  6. Time for pyrography

    Charge your Dremel VersaTip with gas and attach the first pyrography tip. Turn on the VersaTip and wait for the tool to reach the correct temperature.

    It’s always good to have a spare piece of material to test the tip to see if it’s ready to use. Different tips can be used to create different effects.

    Top tip: Always wait for your Dremel VersaTip to cool down before handling the tips!

  7. Hang up and enter if you dare!

    Tie a loop with the string through the hole that was drilled in step 4, so you can hang up the door hanger wherever you want to scare the trick or treaters – enter if you dare!



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