DIY Halloween Decorations

an image of glue gun Halloween decorations stuck on a window

Thinking of giving your home a terrifying transformation for the Halloween holiday? For a quick and easy freakishly festive solution, follow along with our step-by-step guide to creating your own DIY Halloween decorations using a glue gun.  

First things first, here’s what you need:



  • Gloves
  • Stencils
  • Pencil
  • Glass Pane (baking paper can also be used)
  • Cutting mat / Gluing Pad

Before you start:

Read our DIY Safety Tips guide and tools’ instruction manuals to keep everyone safe. Ensure only adults use the glue gun and children are always supervised.

  1. Heat up the Glue Gun

    Insert a glue stick into the glue gun, switch it on and select the high or low temperature setting – depending on the glue sticks you are using.

  2. Creating your Halloween decorations design

    Next, draw your favourite Halloween design freehand or print a design onto a sheet of paper. Maybe you’ll choose a ghoulish ghost or wicked witch?

    To bring it to life, place a piece of glass over your design and gently squeezing the glue gun trigger, follow the lines of the design. Make sure you spread the glue evenly and go over any joins twice, so they stick together properly.

    Top tip: Instead of using a pane of glass, baking paper will also do the trick.

  3. Remove the design

    Allow the glue to cool down and gently remove the design. You can use a scraper or a thick piece of card to help remove your glue gun Halloween design.

  4. Hang up your decorations

    Use blue tac or clear Command strips to stick your DIY Halloween decorations to windows and doors throughout your home. Or hang the decorations from ceilings and fixtures by creating a hole in your glue design and threading through string.



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