How to set up your garden tool storage after preparing for winter


When it comes to preparing your garden for winter, packing your garden tools away in a storage bench can often be a pain. With tools of all different lengths, sizes and shapes – there a good chance they won’t all fit. But we’ve got the answer. Make your life easier by creating a storage rack for your longer handled garden tools in the shed, leaving plenty of space for the rest in your bench. It’s quick and easy DIY to do on your own, and we’re here to walk you through it with our handy guide.

Follow these simple steps

Step 1: Measure your tools

When it comes to creating garden tool storage for your shed wall, you want to know that your tools will be spaced out properly, as well as high enough off the floor to hang safely.

With that in mind, line up all your long-handled tools next to each other, leaving roughly two inches in between. Using your tape measure, measure the distance between each tool’s handle from one to the next – as well as the height of each tool. Jot down all your measurements as you go.

Step 2: Choose your hooks

Next, you’ll need to pick what hooks or clips you want to use to suspend your tools from.

Step 3: Attach your hooks

Using your measurements, mark out the spacing between tools on a long piece of timber with your pencil, before screwing your hooks in where the marks are.

TOP TIP: Most hanging hooks will screw into the wood directly, but for the best results – you may want to drill a narrow guide hole first.

Step 4: Fix your timber

Once your hooks are in, it’s time to attach your timber board. Picking the thickest part of your shed panels, fix your timber piece to the wall with screws – using a spirit level to make sure it’s level.

Step 5: Hang your tools

Your tool storage should now be hung up, so it’s time to put your tools on it. Hang them up one at a time to make sure they fit well. If you want to, you can also add clips near the floor to keep them straight too.

TOP TIP: If you’re worried that all your tools might be too heavy for your storage once they’re hung up, you can install an under-shelf bracket at either end of your timber board for extra support.

Once your garden tool storage is made, it leaves your shed free for storage benches or boxes too. Plus, if you need even more space, try our stackable heavy duty storage too.

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