How to build a raised bed

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How to build a raised bed

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Project Overview

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A vertical garden is a great way to bring some greenery into a small area like a patio or a balcony, without taking up too much ground space.

What you'll need:

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Done in a Day

Done in a Day

You'll need to set aside a day to comfortably complete this project


Step by Step Instructions

1 Prepare the ground
2 Fix corner stakes
3 Fix the side boards
4 Fill your bed
  • Step 1. Prepare the ground

    First, measure out the dimensions of your raised bed, then use a spade to remove the top layer of grass where it is going to sit. Rake and level the ground to make sure it's flat.

  • Step 2. Fix corner stakes

    Position corner stakes at the inside join of each of the 4 corners of the bed. Hammer them into the ground, leaving enough timber exposed to drill your rails into. Use a spirit level to check that they're straight in the ground and that the tops are level with each other.

  • Step 3. Fix the side boards

    Attach the boards to the stakes using galvanised screws. Use a try square to check that the corners are 90°.

  • Step 4. Fill your bed

    Fill with compost to suit your chosen plant types. Then you can finally move on to planting fruits, vegetables or flowers in your new raised bed.

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