How to choose a paving pattern

How to choose a paving pattern


Block paving

is a practical way to pave any sized area. When laid properly it’s strong enough to use for large driveways but also can look very attractive when used for paths and patios. We can help you choose the design that will work best in your outdoor space.

Paving blocks can be laid in a variety of patterns that not only suit your personal style preference but also work well according to what they’ll be used for. Courtyards and patios look great in the stretcher or basketweave pattern. Driveways that take a lot of wear will work better in an interlocking pattern such as the herringbone style.

Which style to choose


Stretcher –

The stretcher pattern places blocks in straight lines with each row slightly off set to the next. This design is great for curved pathways and patio areas.


Basketweave –

The basketweave design is created by placing two horizontally laid bricks followed by two vertically laid bricks. It’s a great-looking design which although not ideal on a driveway, will be perfect in a courtyard garden.


Herringbone –

The herringbone pattern is laid from the corner with bricks at right angles to each other. Each block interlocks creating a strong structure which is ideal for driveways and areas which take a lot of wear.

Herringbone with header

Herringbone with header –

A border, or header, is a row of vertically laid bricks, also known as a simple stack pattern, around the outside of your pattern. This works very well with a Herringbone design.

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