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Lawn Blog – June

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I bet one of the reasons we all look after our gardens like we do is the anticipation of relaxing and admiring the beautiful results of our hard work. There’s certainly no better incentive for struggling through the colder months than thoughts of a sunny June — and June is the time when you can really enjoy your lawn at its best.

Now, you’ll know that one of our mantras is “good lawn care is all about planning”, and with our help you’ll have been right on top of your spring lawn maintenance! So yes, you can afford to take the pressure off a little, but there are still one or two things to do. Think of it as polishing up your lawn as it reaches its annual peak.

Keep your mower cutting cleanly

This means keeping a really nice sharp blade. If you don’t, the grass will start to lose its colour very quickly. Now, if you don’t fancy sharpening it regularly, why not replace the blade for the summer — it’s a quick and easy job and I promise your grass will thank you for it.

Treat your lawn to a summer feed

After all, it’s working hard to look so fabulous — you owe it something! The trouble with June nowadays is that the weather is so unpredictable, and different feed products suit different weather conditions. So, if we’re lucky and it’s dry, choose a 2-in-1 feed and weed product. The 3-in-1 products (with moss killer) must be watered in immediately and without rain this means doing it yourself.

If you have a small lawn — or just a few weeds — why not just use a standalone feed? You can then pick off any weeds using weedol spot treatment. This will be far safer for your lawn if it’s dry, and means you only use chemicals where they’re actually needed.

What about watering?

I know we’d all like a dry June, but the downside is the worry that your grass may need a drink. Now, if you have a very small lawn, you can set up a sprinkler easily enough, but be sure only to water in the early morning or better still the evening as this reduces the amount of water lost through evaporation. If you have a large lawn however, think twice before committing to a watering regime because you’ll need a lot of water! Remember, when grass begins to dry in a hot summer, it always springs back to lush green eventually.

Work in harmony with nature

Whether it’s a dry or sodden June this year, you can get the best from your lawn by working with it. Grass is nature’s cooling canopy, preventing the sun from damaging our beautiful bacteria-filled soils. A simple tip that helps this and can save you from having to water is to raise the height of the cut and remove the box from your mower so that clippings are put back into your lawn. The leaf blade is approximately 70% water, so it will help your lawn to retain a small amount of moisture. And if done regularly, the clippings will be short and will ‘disappear’ into your lawn without making a mess.

But above all, June should be one month when you can be admiring all your hard work in the preceding months. And if you actually miss all that lawn maintenance, do what I do — take advantage of the free time to play around with different mowing patterns and check the condition of your lawn edges. And after that? Get planning for the autumn!



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