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Lawn Blog – December

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December – the last little lawn jobs

Can you believe it’s December already? Thankfully we’ve not had many frosts so far this winter, however colder months will still be having a negative impact on your lawn so make sure you give your lawn a helping hand to see it through to spring.

If the frosts stay away and rainfall is light, be sure to apply a liquid moss killer to your lawn as the conditions will be perfect. Believe it or not, your lawn would also love a good mow right now. Apart from tidying the lawn, it also helps dry the lawn grasses which is essential for winter disease prevention.

It’s also not too late to aerate your lawn. This will help your lawn in a number of ways – drying it out, aiding new root development, reducing sub surface thatch, releasing CO2 and adding oxygen, to name just a few. You can use a manual aerator, buy a mechanical aerator or hire one from the Homebase.

Despite the cold weather, you may be surprised to hear that it might still be warm enough for seeds to germinate. However, to be on the safe side, it may be better to stick to turf and leave seeding until the spring – a lot less mess and much faster results. There really is no excuse for ignoring any patches in your lawn.

Is everyone asking you what you want for Christmas? Why not consider a new lawn rake – nothing harms your grass more than just leaving them on the lawn so rake them up as soon as possible and pop them into your compost.



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