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Lawn Blog – August

August: A time for you and your lawn to relax

One thing’s for certain – there’s no certainty about the weather in August. Whatever the skies bring, it’s still a month for really enjoying your lawn. So here are a few tips to help you keep your lawn strong and healthy in August:


It’s quite possible that your grass has stopped growing by now. If you are still mowing, make sure you set the cut high and mow without the box occasionally as the cuttings will moisten and protect your lawn. Above all – remember to keep that blade sharp. Just one bad, jagged mow can set your lawn back for months.


When your grass begins to dry out, you may be tempted to reach for the sprinkler. To maintain a lush, green lawn it will need lots of water, so look for the most efficient sprinkler or hose you can. Also, remember to water during the evening after sun-down to give the grass time to absorb it before the next day’s blazing heat.

If you can’t or don’t want to water, don’t worry. Your lawn may look dry for a few weeks but it’s just ‘switching off’ to preserve itself and will soon spring back to life when the rain returns.


Good old weeds; they’re not afraid of a little sunshine. So, take a gentle stroll around your lawn and look for any particularly tough-looking specimens. Tackle them with a spot treatment using a hand-held spray.


That’s right – you work hard in all weathers to look after your garden. If the weather’s really good there’s not much that needs doing right now, so get out there and enjoy a barbecue or three…you deserve it.



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