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Large Garden Design Ideas

Having a large garden is great for being able to offer you the space to do whatever you want. However, the task of designing a large garden can seem daunting when you are stumped for ideas on what to do with it.

Whether you need a place for the kids to play, a cosy reading nook or a beautiful space for outdoor dining – there are so many ways to fulfil multiple needs in a larger sized garden.

To help inspire you, we have put together a handful of ideas for you to pick and choose from to create your dream large garden.

Be safe and smart

Always be careful when undertaking any form of gardening or DIY project. If you find yourself using any power tools or new pieces of equipment or furniture, please always read the instruction manuals and advice attached. You can also read our DIY Safety Tips guide.

If you are unsure about anything, please reach out to a certified expert.

  1. Plan

    Before jumping into anything, especially with such a large space, you will need to take some time to figure out what it is you want to achieve from your garden transformation.

    Make a list of all the things you plan to use your garden for, so you can start to think about the different sections you need to design. With some clever thinking, it’s likely you can incorporate more than you think without your space becoming too cluttered or overwhelming.

  2. Create garden zones

    Creating zones within your large garden is a great way to organise all those different elements you want to have within your space.

    Paving will help to split your garden into zones and the paths you can create will also double up as places for the children to ride bikes and play games. You can find out how to lay your garden path and paving yourself here.

    Garden screening is another option for easily sectioning off different areas in your garden and creating privacy. Painting your fences a darker colour in one area and adding a bamboo screen, palm trees and ornamental grasses will create a soothing, tropical oasis zone.

    You could also consider creating a calming zone with a water feature or bird bath to attract some peaceful feathered friends.

  3. Build a garden shed

    With the colder months never far away, it can be harder to want to spend time in your large garden.

    Installing a shed or garden building not only enables you to enjoy your outside space more in the colder seasons, it will also provide shade on sunnier days. If you already have an garden shed, check out our ‘How to paint and freshen up your old garden shed’ blog to see how you could spruce it up.

    Alternatively, your shed doesn’t just have to be used for storage. You could turn it into a home office or a garden gym- take a look at our ‘How to transform your shed into a luxurious summer house or home office’ piece for inspiration.


  4. Design an outside living room

    Another idea is to create an outside relaxation space that is just as comfortable and cosy as your indoor surroundings.

    An outdoor corner sofa will help give the area some structure as its L-shape will anchor the space, making it feel comfy and inviting.

    Cushionsthrows and outdoor decorations will make the space feel as good as it looks, and you could even add  a firepit or an electric patio heater so you can enjoy your new outside living space when the sun goes down. Light some candles to create that magical ambience – just be careful around naked flames and keep them well away from flammable materials.

  5. Entertaining/dining area

    If you enjoy socialising and entertaining, you will most certainly want to create a stunning dining area to be the focal point of your garden parties.

    The great thing about larger gardens is that there are no limits on garden furniture, as bigger spaces can fit all shapes and sizes. To establish your dining space, you may want to think about creating it on decking, as you could choose a lighter or darker base depending on the feel you want to inspire.

    Fill the space with larger dining sets or you could opt for a few bistro sets to create an ‘outdoor restaurant’ feel.



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