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How To Grow a Spice Garden

Spice garden

A spice garden is a great addition to your selection of homegrown herbs, as they not only add flavour to your meals but have proven health benefits too. Don’t worry about the size of your outdoor space, you can grow your own spice garden on a windowsill or high-rise balcony area.

If you are new to gardening, learning how to grow a spice garden is a great place to start.

Simply follow this guide and you’ll be cooking up a storm with lots of flavoursome ingredients in no time.

Before you begin this simple gardening project, it’s recommended that you always wear gloves when handling chemicals and be careful not to ingest any plant seeds.

Let’s start with what you’ll need.


Assess your space

First, you need to decide the best arrangement for your spice garden – which will depend on the space you have available.

You can grow a spice garden indoors or outdoors, so take your time to think about where will be best – depending on your climate and living space.

Your spice garden will thrive on direct sunlight and warmth, which is why we recommend choosing a space that gets plenty of rays.

Choose your spices

Next, pick your seeds for your spice garden. To help give you some inspiration, here’s a little more information on some of the most popular spices to grow:

  • Turmeric- With its many benefits, Turmeric is a top choice for many spice gardens. In colder climates, such as the UK, it is best to plant in the Springtime or early Summer.
  • Ginger- Similarly, Ginger is also beneficial for the body as it is rich in nutrients. Plant in a shallow and wide pot, and make sure you keep the pot away from direct sunlight – but still in a warm spot.
  • Cumin- Cumin seeds are also an easy to grow option. Cumin belongs to the parsley family and needs to grow in a pot at least 8-10 inches deep.
  • Coriander- Commonly used either whole or powdered, fresh coriander seeds are a popular spice due to their aromatic flavour.

Select your pots

You could pick one large planter or a few smaller plant pots for your new spice seeds. Most spices will grow in any container with adequate drainage – just make sure the pots destined for one herb are at least 10 inches deep and those for multiple herbs, at least 18 inches.

Spice garden

Add premium soil

When choosing the soil for your spice garden, select a porous mix. Don’t choose a garden soil, as it will be too heavy for the containers and will smother your spices.

If you’re going to pair some of your spices together in the same pot, check that they need similar amounts of sunlight and water.


Once planted, remember to water your spices according to their needs. The size of your chosen containers and availability of sunlight will also affect how quickly the soil dries out.

And there you go – that’s how to create your own spice garden. Vegetables more your thing? Check out which ones are the best to grow here



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