Garden jobs in September

Garden jobs in September

September is a busy month in the garden. It’s an ideal time to give your lawn some TLC and there’s plenty you can do to keep your borders looking beautiful. It’s a great time to get your winter storage sorted – and a little forward planning now will help you get the most from your garden next year.

Things you can do now:

  • Repair and maintain your lawn ready for the winter months – or plant a new lawn from seed.
  • Keep colour in your borders with late summer blooms such as Michaelmas Daisies and Verbena plants in tones of purple to pink.
  • Bring gentle movement and texture to your borders with ornamental grasses.
  • Add Echinacea and Rudbeckia for interest right through the autumn.
  • Collect seeds or cuttings from healthy plants ready to plant up next year.
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs now to enjoy next year.
  • If you have a pond, put a net over it before autumn leaves start to fall.
  • Cover leafy vegetable crops with bird-proof netting.
  • Put a new shed in your garden, ready for winter storage.
  • Add some shelving to your new or existing shed, so you can tidy away your summer pots and furniture.
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