Garden jobs in March

Garden jobs in March

There’s plenty to do in the garden in March, from mowing your lawn to adding compost to your raised beds and containers. If you’re ‘growing your own’ it’s a great time to plant onions, cabbages and radishes, so you can look forward to eating them fresh from the garden later in the year.


Things you can do now:

  • Work in slow release fertiliser, mulch and chicken manure around trees, shrubs and hedges to feed them and keep them healthy.
  • While the ground’s still soft, put in supports for plants that will need them. Adding them later becomes more difficult and will damage your plants.
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs and tubers like Gladioli and Dahlias.
  • Consider slug protection around any new emerging shoots.
  • Plant onions and shallots
  • If you’re growing vegetables like parsnips, radishes and cabbages, sow their seeds under cloches.
  • If you have acid loving plants like rhododendrons, magnolias and blueberries, give them a fresh dressing of ericaceous compost and ericaceous feed.
  • When there’s a dry day mow your lawn on a high blade setting.
  • Use turf or lawn seed to repair any patches in your lawn and add a high nitrogen fertiliser to boost the growth of your lawn at the start of the season.
  • Top up raised beds and containers with fresh compost. If they’re already full, remove the top 5cm and replace it with fresh compost.
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Magnolia plant festival

Garden centre plant festival - March


Marvel at magnolias in your garden this spring

If you want some show stopping flowers to enjoy this spring, you’ll love our beautiful magnolias. With their goblet or star-shaped flowers, magnolia trees and shrubs rank among most people’s favourite plants and they have a gorgeous fragrance too. At Homebase we have four varieties to choose from in pretty pinks, whites and purples. They thrive in any moist, fertile garden soil and will grow and flower best if you plant them in full sun. They’re suited to beds and containers – and you’ll often see magnolias growing up a wall.

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