How to winter prep your garden furniture with a waterproof cover


As the weather starts to get worse, you might be thinking about investing in waterproof covers for your outdoor furniture – but it’s essential you pick the right ones. From choosing the correct fit to removing your accessories properly, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about prepping your garden furniture for winter in this handy guide.

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Do I need outdoor furniture covers?

If you’re using lightweight garden furniture like plastic tables and chairs, then you won’t need a cover. Instead, you can either leave them outside or stack them together in the garage during winter. However, if you’ve got heavier patio furniture made from rattan, wood or even cast iron – covers are essential, as they are likely to get damaged by winter weather.

Which outdoor furniture covers should I choose?

Like most things related to outdoor furniture, it’s best not to choose the cheapest covers, as they’re often not fully waterproof, or liable to split and wear away fast. Thankfully, at Homebase, we only offer reliable and long-lasting garden covers. For the best results, invest in covers with a PVC-bonded polyester lining for a fully waterproof finish, like our Charles Bentley Universal range, or our durable and UV- stabilised Polytuf covers. Available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes, it’s simple to find one tailored to fit whatever furniture you have– from swing seats to sun loungers.

How to choose the right size of patio furniture covers

Outdoor furniture can often range in size between different brands and even different pieces, so it’s essential to measure your furniture before buying your covers.

If you’re covering each chair individually, then you’ll just need the height, width and length of your chair. But if you want to leave your bistro furniture on your patio all winter, for examples, you’ll need waterproof covers for the whole thing. Start by tucking in the chairs under the table as tightly as you can all the way round, then break out the tape measure. Measure from the ground to the top of the highest backed chair, as well as the width and length of the full set too.

TOP TIP: It doesn’t matter whether you take your measurements in centimetres or inches, just make sure you pick one and stick to it across the board.

Putting on your garden covers

Once you’ve picked out the right size of covers, it’s time to get it on your outdoor furniture.

Step 1

Before you put your covers on, remove any garden cushions – as they’ll start to sweat if you leave them on, leading to damp or mildew.

Step 2

Just like when you measured your bistro set, make sure your chairs are tightly tucked under the table. If there are footstools too, fit them underneath or rest them on top of the table.

Step 3

Place your covers over your outdoor furniture, making sure it fits well all the way round.

Step 4

Finally, it’s time to make sure your garden covers are secure. Thread your drawstrings (or eyelets) through the holes in your cover sides or corners, then tighten them with the toggle. Draw the strings tight to keep it from blowing away if the wind gets up.

Getting your garden furniture prepped for winter doesn’t have to be difficult, so let this guide help you keep yours fresh and dry until Spring arrives.

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