moonlight makeover

There’s no need to head indoors just because the sun has set.

Give your garden a moonlight makeover and enjoy the outdoors even as the night draws in.

You can create a welcoming ambience with the gentle glow of outdoor lighting and fragrant flowers that release aromatic scents after dark. While some comfy seats outdoor heating will keep you and your guests warm and content. There’s so much you can do to transform your garden after dusk.

Project Overview
Tasks Time needed
Step 1 Make a plan: think about how your garden is in the evening – could your planting scheme be tweaked to enhance the twilight? Would clever lighting add to its ambiance?  About 3hrs
Step 2 Add a few choice plants to enhance your garden in the evening: think about colour choices and scented plants About 2hrs
Step 3 Let there be light! There are lots of ways you can add light to your garden, whether you want a quick fix or something more permanent About 3hrs
Step 4 Now’s the time to think about how you’ll keep warm and comfortable in the evening, with outdoor heating and cosy seating. Then just sit back and wait for dusk!  About 2hrs
Plan how you’ll use your garden at night

Step 1 - Make a plan

Plan how you’ll use your garden at night

Think about how you’d want to use your garden after sundown. If you want to enjoy leisurely evenings with loved ones, select somewhere you could install comfortable seating. For foodies who love nothing more than feasting alfresco, you might want to scope out a place to set up a barbecue or an outdoor dining set.

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Bring your lighting to life

Step 2 - Let there be light!

Bring your lighting to life

Picture your garden after dark. If you have existing outdoor lighting, think about how it illuminates areas of your garden. Is it highlighting a focal point? Or is the light a little aimless? Lighting can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your outdoor space. If you don’t have any at the moment, now’s the time to start deciding what kinds you’d like and the effect you want them to create. Permanent hard-wired fixtures are great for brightening up larger sections of your garden, whereas solar lights are versatile choices, which give a delicate glow wherever you place them.

Take a minute to decide where lighting could make the most dramatic impact. Would it be best placed dotted around plants and emphasising borders? Should you create a dreamy display around dining areas and seating with string lights? Ultimately, you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Installing your lighting

If you’ve plumped for twinkling string lights, carefully wrap them around branches or weave into place on fences. For curtain string lights, ensure the nails or hooks you’ve used to support them are firmly attached to stop them from blowing loose in the wind. Embed any solar stakes along borders or between plants to give your greenery and paths a gentle glow.

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Plant flowers that look and smell great after dark

Step 3 - Choosing accent plants

Plant flowers that look and smell great after dark

Once you have your lighting layout finalised, you can move on to picking plants that’ll enhance your night-garden atmosphere. White flowers look magical and glow delicately in the moonlight. Create a focal area to show off their bright white petals or combine them with your existing blooms.

Certain flowers release scents after dark, so you and your guests can enjoy intermingling natural fragrances while chatting away into the small hours. Lambs ear, night gladiolus and moonflower are popular choices and there’s a wide variety of night scented plants to pick from.

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Furnish your night garden

Step 4 - Getting comfy

Furnish your night garden

Once you have the atmosphere just right, focus on the relax factor. Garden rattan furniture with cosy cushions can create the ideal conversation spot to catch up with friends, but we have outdoor furniture to suit every garden If you’re after a more permanent solution, pergolas are perfect for under-cover alfresco dining.

Ways to warm up your garden

As night descends, clever outdoor heating solutions can keep you snug under the stars. Chimeneas and firepits give you the joy of huddling round an open fire and keep you toasty when the temperature drops. Add woolly blankets to the back of dining chairs or outdoor furniture so your guests can curl up in comfort.

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Project complete

Now your garden’s all prepped for parties that roll on until dusk and BBQs that go on past sunset - meaning you can enjoy your space for longer.

Next up: Revitalise your garden furniture and fences
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