Setting up your outdoor log burner


Setting up your outdoor log burner


What you need to know to set up your outdoor log burner

We all want to make the most of our garden year-round, and an outdoor log burner is one of the fastest and simplest ways to manage it. From fire pits to chimineas, we’ve rounded up the best options for staying warm outside well into the evening, whether you’re eating, entertaining or just relaxing. And at Homebase, it’s easy to find the log burner to suit you and your garden, once you’ve picked the style that’s right for you with this handy guide.

The benefits of an outdoor log burner


Unsurprisingly, the biggest benefit of outdoor log burners is heat. Whether you want to stay toasty with a drink on the patio, or take the edge off a chillier evening while you’re dining al fresco – a log burner is a great way to warm up your garden space at any time of day.

Simple to install

From patio warmers to hanging heaters, when it comes to warming up your outdoor areas – some accessories can require specialist installation or be difficult to set up. Thankfully, most garden log burners are simple to place and enjoy. In fact, all you need is a flat surface and you’re ready to go.

Statement piece

Flickering flames, crackling wood and sleek designs. It’s no surprise garden log burners are all the rage at the moment, not only do they keep your outdoor warm, but they’re beautiful to look at too. From classic rustic stove designs to marble-effect fire pits, adding an attractive feature to your garden is easier than ever when you invest in a new log burner.

Types of outdoor log burners

Outdoor log burners can come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours – but there are three main types to be aware of when looking for the one that’s right for you.


Typically made from clay, steel or cast iron, chimineas consist of a tall chimney spout, leading to a rounded "pot-bellied" middle where the fire sits, mounted on three legs. First used back in the 17th century, people tend to argue about whether they originated in Mexico, Spain or general South America. However, one thing no-one disagrees about is they they’re an ideal way to add an authentically rustic touch to any garden.

Easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to clean, chimineas are perfect for everything from keeping your guests warm in the evenings to accompanying a summer garden party. What’s more, if you choose a dual-use chiminea like our Margarita Cook & Eat model, you can even enjoy a BBQ feast grilled right above the wood fire too.

Woodburning stove

While chimineas are rounded in shape, woodburning stoves are usually square or rectangular, but with the same tall chimney on top. All you need to do to get started is load your stove up with logs and light it. Unlike chimineas, there’s a door and a generous glass window – meaning the heat comes from the stove’s metal frame, rather than directly from the fire itself, which often makes it easier to regulate.

If you’re worried about keeping your garden air clear while enjoying a fire outdoors, woodburning stoves have you covered there too. With the advances in clean air technology, most modern stoves come with environmentally friendly chimney filters for peace of mind.

Fire pits

Sometimes called a fire bowl, fire pits are the simplest way of enjoying an open fire outdoors – all you have to do is fill the basin with wood and light it. Available in a range of classical and contemporary styles and colours to suit your garden, they’re the ideal way to stay cosy all evening long.

What’s more, if you’d prefer the appearance of a fire pit without the effort of finding wood to burn? Our fire bowls can also be used to burn charcoal, or alternatively – choose one of our stylish Brisbane or Albany gas fire pits for a hassle-free flame every time.

How to light your outdoor log burner

Once you’ve chosen your outdoor log burner, the first question to ask is often – how do I light it safely? There are four main things you’ll need:

  1. Line the bottom of your log burner with one/two firelighters or newspaper. If you’re using newspaper, scrunch it into balls or tie it into knots – just don’t use flat sheets as they’ll burn up too quickly.
  2. Gradually add your kindling on top, piece by piece, making sure all the pieces are touching.
  3. Next, light your newspaper or firelighters in each corner. As the fire starts to spread, add more kindling until the fire is burning well.
  4. Finally, add your logs on top and keep an eye on them to make sure they catch light properly. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy the heat.

Controlling your outdoor log burner’s smoke

Before you buy a log burner for your garden, you’ll need to be aware what restrictions exist in your area. Some parts of the UK are what’s known as ‘smoke control areas’, meaning only certain appliances or certain fuels are allowed to be burned. So, before investing, double check what the rules are in your area, in case it makes a difference to which outdoor log burner you choose.

Choosing the right surface for your outdoor log burner

It will come as no surprise that log burners can pump out a lot of heat into your garden, particularly underneath. So, depending on the type of burner you choose, it’s worth thinking about what surface you put it on too. Woodburning stoves are enclosed, so there should be no risk of sparks or stray bit of burning wood – but they do get just as hot underneath as fire pits and chimineas. For complete safety, we recommend placing your log burner on bricks, stone or a fire-proof pad, instead of wooden decking or grass.

How to store your logs

It should come as no surprise that an outdoor log burner will need logs to burn, meaning you’ll need somewhere to store them when you’re not using it. To avoid them rotting, you’ll need somewhere that’s well ventilated, off the ground and covered. Which makes our log stores the perfect choice.

Not only an attractive addition to any outdoor space, our log stores come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit any garden. What’s more, they’re pressure treated too, giving you a long-lasting space to store your logs all year round.

By now, you should have all the information you need to pick your perfect outdoor log burner – helping you make the most of your garden whether it’s the middle of the summer or the depths of winter.

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