How To Create Copper Pipe Shelving

Create a uniquely stylish piece of furniture by using nothing more than copper pipe and raw furniture boards to make some sturdy shelves.

What you’ll need:

This is a 2 person job, so make sure you have someone to help you before you start.

Step 1: Prepare your design

Draw your design out onto a piece of paper, our guide is for a 90cm wide by 70cm high shelf.

Step 2: Measure and cut

Measure and cut the pipes to length.

Measure & cut the pipe

Step 3: Organise your components

Lay all the cut pieces out on the floor to check you have all the parts that make up your shelf.

Organise your components

Step 4: Check it all fits together

Before you use any glue, put the pieces together, to check it all fits together.

Step 5: Glue together

Using epoxy resin, while wearing gloves, glue the joints together and push the pipes securely into the joints. Then allow at least 15 minutes for the glue to dry.

Step 6: Fix to the wall

Secure the brackets to the wall using pipe brackets. Check that they are level using a spirit level.

Top tip: Use the correct fixings for your walls.

Fix to the wall

Step 7: Secure the frame

Secure the shelving frame in the brackets.

Step 8: Check everything is even

Check that the shelf lengths are even then position and fix them by drilling screws carefully through the pipe frame and into the shelf.



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