Create a Rust Effect Wall

How to create a rust effect wall
Our step-by-step guide explains how to create a rust effect wall using Craig & Rose Artisan rust effect base paint and Craig & Rose Artisan rust effect activator.

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What you’ll need:

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1. Read the paint usage instructions

Before you begin, carefully read the paint usage instructions.

2. Clean and dry your surface

Make sure the surface you want to paint is clean, dry and free from dust and grease.

3. Protect areas you don’t want to paint

Mask off anywhere you don’t want the paint to touch and cover floors and furniture with dust sheets.

4. Stir the paint

Stir the paint with a paint stirrer. Make sure you scrape the bottom of the can and use a scooping motion to spread the paint particles evenly.

5. Pour the paint into a tub

Pour the paint into a separate tub.

6. Practise on a board

You might want to practise with the paint on a small board first. Rust effect paint works best when you apply it in random strokes.

7. Apply the first coat of rust effect paint

Starting in the middle of the area you’re painting, use a wide brush to apply the rust effect paint in random strokes.

8. Apply a second coat

Allow the first coat to dry and apply a second coat of paint using the same method. Let the area dry for 12 hours.

9. Put on protective gear and pour the rust activator solution into a tub

To apply the rust activator solution wear gloves and goggles. Pour the solution into a separate tub.

10. Apply two coats of rust activator

You can create different effects depending on whether you use a sponge or brush to apply the rust activator. Apply two coats of rust activator using your chosen method – the effect will start to develop immediately and will continue developing.

11. Spray the surface with water

You can accelerate the rust effect by spraying the surface with water.

12. Apply Craig & Rose vintage soft wax

To avoid rust residue rubbing off when you touch it –  and to seal the area – you can use a coat of Craig & Rose vintage soft wax.



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