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How to Transform Your Kitchen With Paint

an image of a white kitchen with blue painted kitchen cabinets

Wanting to makeover your kitchen but don’t want to splash out on installing new kitchen cabinets and cupboards? Give the hardest working room in your home the attention it deserves – without the hassle – with Maison Déco Kitchen Paint. Specially designed to update your tiles, cupboards, worktops and splashbacks – renovating has never been so easy.  

Whether it’s a refresh of colour, effects or texture you’re after, read on to discover our kitchen paint ideas, all possible with Maison Déco paint.  


Before you start   

We advise you read our DIY Safety Tips guide to keep yourself and others safe. Keep your space well ventilated, and if any paint splashes into your eyes – rinse immediately.  


What is Maison Déco kitchen paint?  

Developed to withstand all that life can throw at it, Maison Déco Refresh Kitchen Paint is suitable for laminate, melamine, wood, tiles, glass, stainless steel and aluminium.  

No undercoat required; it adheres all kinds of surfaces. Combining technical know-how and decoration expertise, you can completely transform your kitchen without having to buy new cabinets and cupboards, replace your worktop or even pick up a hammer.  

Top tip: Maison Déco also has bathroom paint, if you’re also considering a bathroom refresh. 

Revamping your kitchen cupboards  

an image of sage green painted kitchen cabinets

The first step to falling in love with your kitchen all over again is to apply Maison Déco Refresh Kitchen Paint to your cupboards.  

To do this, detach your cupboard doors, lightly sand them down and remove any dust. Follow this with thoroughly washing them with sugar soap, rinsing with clean water and leaving to dry.   

Stir your chosen kitchen paint colour and pour the desired amount into a paint tray. Start with a round brush and apply the paint onto hard-to-reach areas, then move onto the roller for larger surfaces. Work from top to bottom and crisscross your strokes for an even finish. Leave to dry for 8 hours and then repeat for the second coat. After 24 hours, apply the Maison Déco Kitchen Extra Strong Varnish to protect the surface.  

Top tip: Always ensure to paint in thin layers to build up to your desired colour. Once finished, you can use gentle cleaning products and a non-abrasive sponge to clean your new kitchen cupboards.  


On-trend kitchen colours  

One of the hottest kitchen trends for 2021 is to keep the walls neutral and cabinets colourful. Green is quickly becoming the most popular choice for kitchen cabinets, from deep forest shades to pastel sage. Softer shades tend to work well with warmer woods, whereas darker shades look great with white worktops and brass accessories.  

Strong inky blues and rich textures, such as rust or concrete effects, are desirable options for those who want a more dramatic, luxury feel.  

Charcoal and graphite tones paired with steel framed units are also a sure way to make a statement, particularly as industrial style kitchens are rising in popularity. Natural wood effects are also seeing a comeback, as their minimalistic feel is easy to incorporate into various kitchen styles.  

Top tip: Switch out your kitchen fittings for striking black or copper ones for a sleek, designer look.  

Adding texture with paint  

an image of charcoal painted kitchen cabinets

As well as adding colour, you can also use Maison Déco Paint to add texture to your tiles, splashbacks, and worktops.  

With the Maison Déco Concrete Coating paint, you can inject a modern, industrial finish into your cooking space. It hides existing grout lines and can be used to cover tiles, walls, and worktops.  

First, remove any silicone joints with a cutter knife. Clean the existing tiled surface with sugar soap and rinse clean with water. Don’t forget to protect the surfaces you don’t wish to paint – like your sink and nearby walls – with masking tape.  

Fill in the existing grout lines, to ensure the underlying tiling is no longer visible, using a filling knife and the Maison Déco Refresh Kitchen and Bathroom Coating. Using a 45-degree angle, spread the product in crisscross strokes over the grout lines. Work from top to bottom, with the splashback first and then the worktop. After six hours, make sure the surface is dry and scrape off any thicker areas with a filling knife and sandpaper, before wiping away any dust.  

Next, using a trowel and filing knife, apply the first coat of paint. To create clear-cut corners, smooth the product with a sponge or use your fingers just after applying. Leave for 24 hours before applying the second coat, sand the surface down and repeat.  

To create more nuances and texture, use short and rounded strokes. To make the last coat easier to smooth, you can dilute the product with a maximum of 5% water. Finish with Refresh Extra Strong Varnish to ensure the coating is resistant to water and stains. Use a paint brush for the trickier areas and then a roller in criss-cross strokes, from top to bottom. Finally recreate any silicone joints you may have removed, and you’re finished!  

Top tip: Maison Déco Refresh Kitchen Paint is ultra-resistant to stains and scratches, water-resistant and no undercoat is required. 

Refresh the walls and floors  

Don’t forget a simple and effective way to give your kitchen a makeover is by painting the walls a new colour.  

For an elegant and calm approach, create a feature wall with blue paint or opt for grey for a neutral, sophisticated feel. To keep a bright and spacious ambiance, refresh your kitchen with a white shade –this is also the easiest colour to pair with contrasting accent tones.  

You could use Maison Déco Refresh Kitchen Paint on your floor, with stencils to create a unique floor pattern and completely change the atmosphere of your kitchen. To really make a statement, use chalkboard paint on one of your walls or the side of a cabinet for to-lists or to display food menus.  

Top tip: How about upcycling wooden kitchen stools with furniture paint to match your newly painted cabinets.  

And there you go! Those are our kitchen paint ideas to give your space breath-taking transformation without the hassle. Now you’ve been inspired with our kitchen makeover ideas, don’t forget to share your kitchen paint masterpieces with us @Homebase_UK, and check out our other kitchen ideas here




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