10 ideas to prepare your Christmas table for a festive feast

10 ideas to prepare your Christmas table for a festive feast


The theme you pick for your Christmas table can set the tone for your whole festive period, so you want to make sure you pick ideas the whole family will love. From classic red and gold colours to recreating a winter wonderland setting, or taking inspiration from nature, there are almost too many options to choose from. Which is why we’ve rounded up the very best of them for you in our handy guide.

1. Start Christmas simply with an indoor wreath

Not just for hanging above the fireplace or on your doors anymore, wreaths have become a staple part of the best Christmas table centrepiece ideas in recent years. Simple but stylish, they’re traditionally a mixture of festive foliage, with spruce cuttings, ivy and holly on a wicker or metal wreath base – often accessorised with berries, pinecones and ribbon. Try making your own with our simple guide, or choose a more ornate wreath to take advantage of different colours and materials. If there’s not room on the table, you can always suspend them from the ceiling for a similarly festive effect.

2. Set the table with luxurious clean lines

When it comes to creating a sense of luxury at your Christmas table, focusing on clean lines is always the best place to start. From placemat to glassware, sticking to neat patterns is a simple but stylish way to give your guests the feeling of effortless elegance, especially when accented by metallic shades. So, this Christmas, we’ve got an idea – warm up your table with gold runners and accessories – whether that’s placemats and napkin holders, or candlesticks and cutlery.

3. Make your Christmas feast a candlelit dinner

This festive season, try giving your Christmas table a romantic glow with the simple beauty of real candles. Illumination can turn any meal into an experience, and there’s no better time than the most magical day of the year. It’s up to you how many candles you want to use – keep to one at either end of the table for a minimalist look, or embrace ‘the more the merrier’ feeling with rows of candles and holders down the centre. You could even embrace a DIY feel too, with tapered candles over bottles of water and pine sprigs creating a truly homemade atmosphere.

4. Try Christmas decorations that are good enough to eat

If you’re looking for a talking point over Christmas dinner, look no further. Creating edible table decorations is a fun and festive way to get tongues wagging, making it a meal to remember. The possibilities are endless, but some of our favourite recommendations range from iced biscuits with names on to place labels pinned into a piece of fruit. As for the centrepiece decorations themselves, a cracker wreath captures the mood and accompanies the cheeseboard at the same time, while mini candy canes offer a sweet treat while waiting for dessert.

5. Transform your table into a winter wonderland

Christmas is always called the most wonderful time of the year, and one of the best ideas for bringing that sense of magic to your table is by embracing a silver & white winter theme. From napkins to chair backs, cool tones are the perfect place to start creating the feeling of a winter wonderland, complete with Scandi-inspired white branches draped in silver baubles. For a festive finishing touch? Sprinkle the table with fake snow or icing sugar for a family-friendly way to recreate the chill outside while staying warm and cosy inside.

6. Add class to your table with glass

Take advantage of one of the world’s most multi-functional materials on your table this Christmas. Eye-catching and easy to decorate, there’s so much you can do with glass. Stick to the stripped-back classics with sparkling jugs and drinking glasses, or push the boat out with bauble-packed vases and flickering candle bowls surrounded by sprigs of foliage. Most importantly of all, glass decorations are perfect for catching the light, creating a relaxed and festive atmosphere by reflecting the twinkling lights around the room and on the table.

7. Leap on a modern trend with metallic monochrome

Ultra-modern and ultra-trendy, monochrome is one Christmas table idea that never goes out of style, especially when using sleek silver shades. From cutlery to candleholders, single coloured place settings are the ultimate example of “less is more”, bringing chic clean lines to an often-chaotic table setting, with more guests than ever. Plus, if you want to add a splash of colour back into your dining experience, you can always incorporate a few green pine branches for a little extra festive flair – and the added benefit of a beautiful scent.

8. Capture natural chic by bringing the outdoors indoors

When it comes to bringing the outdoors inside at Christmas, a tree is just the beginning. It’s the perfect décor choice for your table too, celebrating the beauty of nature while staying safe indoors. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort either, as you can often create some stunning decorations just from what you can find in your own back garden. From holly to pinecones, a simple sprinkle of leaves or a quick spray with silver paint can create an eco-friendly masterpiece – especially when combined with the power of flowers. Choose green and white blooms for a simple but stylishly neutral table. Alternatively, capture the feel of freshness without the hassle by adding a replica garland to your table instead.

9. Go traditional with some classic Christmas colours

Transform your table into a dazzlingly traditional Christmas treat by embracing the classic colour ideas of red and gold. From plates to napkins and runners, this timeless holiday look has been a staple part of the festive season for decades, but there are still fresh new ways of bringing it to life at your table. Try tall glass vases filled with a tree of twigs decorated with red and gold baubles, or even a festive centrepiece of gold-sprayed pine cones and red ribbons. No matter how you arrange your decorations, the classic colours are sure to bring a sense of joy and warmth home.

10. Set a stylish tone with stripped back chic

From crackers to tinsel and endless cutlery, there’s always so much going on at the Christmas table. So, this year, make your dining experience minimalist but sophisticated. We’re talking simple place settings without all the bells and whistles, as well as stripped-back table decorations – like a smart white tablecloth topped with elegant candles and a few sprigs of foliage. Alternatively, try adding metallic accents to your white linen for a hint of sparkle. Either way, it’s a chance for the whole family to take a relaxing break from Christmas’ overwhelming colours for a while.

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