Harris Seriously Good Walls & Ceilings 9in Twin Sleeve Roller Set

GBP 7.45


For painting semi smooth surfaces. For use with emulsion paints.
A range of rollers that have been specifically designed and engineered to perform seriously good on large areas when painting walls & ceilings with emulsion paints.
  • Seriously Good Finish with splatter control for less mess.
  • Ideal to use on semi-smooth surfaces such as old plaster walls and walls with spots of repaired damage.
  • Ideal to use with emulsion paints.
  • For best results, rinse roller sleeve before use to remove any loose fibres.
Plastic Handle Steel Frame Sleeve Polyester Plastic Roller Tray
Harris Seriously Good
Product Dimensions (H)x(W)x(D):
38.6cm x 29cm x 44cm
Quantity In Pack:
1 year
Additional Information:
After use with water based paints, such as emulsion, remove the excess paint with a multi-tool. Then wash in warm soapy water. Use the multi-tool to scrape over the surface of the roller to ensure all paint is removed. Allow to dry standing up.