Gerbera Orange - 12cm

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Colour up your room with this particular Autumn Daisy. The Gerbera is a joyful presence in every livingroom! Daisies are very beloved of its great flowers. Gerbera is a cute indoor plant native to Africa that is found very appealing thanks to its cute flowers.

Product Details

Additional information
It is possible to place your gerbera outdoors in summer in part sun. You can put your gerbera very close to gloxinia because they both share the same growing conditions.
Colour of flower
Height 25-30cm and width 20-25cm
Care instructions
The ideal lifespan of a gerbera never extends longer than 3 years at most. You?ll have to replace it after this time span. After flowering, remove the flower to avoid rotting from flower to base; don't water them to much after flowering
Colour of foliage
Planting instructions
If the plant looks crowded, repot it to a slightly larger pot any time of year.Read more at Gardening Know How: Gerbera Houseplants: Tips For Growing Gerbera Daisies Indoors
Rate of growth
Soil type
Amend your planting soils with a little organic matter to promote healthy growth and blooming. The University of Florida suggests adding an inch or two of compost or peat moss to the soil before planting. These daisies prefer neutral to slightly acidic soil levels ranging from 6.1 to 7.5 pH. Add a bit of dolomitic limestone to more acidic soils.
Watering instructions
Water the plant deeply whenever the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Let the pot drain thoroughly before replacing it on the saucer or drip tray, as the plant is likely to rot in soggy soil. Water carefully and keep the leaves as dry as possible. Water sparingly during the winter months, but don?t allow the soil to become bone dry.
Latin name
Gerbera hybrids
Eventual height
Eventual width
Safety information
Gerbera daisies pose no danger to cats, dogs and horses and are listed as non-toxic by the ASPCA.
Pot size
Room temperature
Gerbera requires temperatures that hover between 64?F to 75?F (18?C to 24?C) and never drop below 57?F (13?C).Minimum temperatures are around 40?F (5?C) for a short time only.The temperature of a house or apartment is thus ideal for growing gerbera.
Room position
The best location for your gerbera is a spot where there is proper light but no direct sun in summer.Gerbera can?t stand the sun?s rays when they touch its leaves directly.So the plant rejoices in adequate light but not direct sun.Absolutely avoid setting it near heat sources such as radiators, because moisture is what this tropical plant needs most.
Feeding instructions
Gerber daisies benefit from monthly feeding during spring and summer using a regular fertilizer for houseplants or blooming plants. Withhold fertilizer during fall and winter.
Flowering period
Gerbera's are light-loving indoorplants so flowering mostly in period from Spring till Autumn; With a dark period: artificial light will help
Harvesting period
Sold in store as mixed variety code
1 litre
Also available in Colour
Wide colour range, smaller and bigger potsizes and outdoor Daisies
FirstKey SellingPoint
Joyful appearance in every living room
SecondKey SellingPoint
Typical Autumn colour (orange) but in a wide range of vibrant colours available
ThirdKey SellingPoint
One of the most famous flowering indoor plants
FourthKey SellingPoint
Very decorative using this plant near to foliageplants

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