The #1 App for your plants

Not sure how to care for your plants at home? Help is at hand With SmartPlant, keep your greenery happy and healthy all year round - both indoors and outdoors. No confusing jargon, just easy-to-follow tips and advice from the UK’s finest horticulture experts.

Identify your plant

Seen a plant you like? Take a picture and the SmartPlant app can identify it for you. Or if you’ve just bought a new one from Homebase, scan the barcode and you’ll unlock a FREE trial of our premium membership, with unlimited plant ID’s.

Nurture your plant

Once you’ve identified your plant, why not add it to your app’s digital garden? With watering reminders, pest advice and FREE monthly care tips, it’ll keep your plant in tip-top shape.

Learn about your plant

Want to find out more about your plant? Our blossoming network of horticulture experts are ready to answer all your questions, and they’re only a direct message away.


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