Vegetable Plants

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Introduce new and nutritious vegetable plants into your garden, so you can enjoy delicious, home-grown food all year round. Find something that tickles your taste buds in our extensive range of veg plants and seeds.
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We stock cucumber plants, cabbages, purple sprouting broccoli and a choice of healthy root vegetables.

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just getting started, make sure you prepare the ground for your vegetables. You can plant in pots, borders or raised allotments – but the magic formula is always the same. You need the right soil type, compost and plant food to produce a healthy crop. Many of these shrubs are quite hardy and well-suited to growing in the British climate, however, pest control is a good idea to keep slugs and snails at bay.

Discover the joys of home-grown gardening with vibrant vegetable plants from Homebase.