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Powerbase Lawn Mowers

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If unruly grass and uneven lawns are threatening your garden, our range of lawnmowers and trimmers are here to restore your outside space.

Our range of petrol, electric, cordless and battery-powered mowers offer quality mowing hardware to seasoned gardeners and novices alike. Or take a step into the future with our range of robotic lawnmowers that can take care of the lawn whilst you sit back and relax.

No matter the scale or size of your garden, Homebase’s range of maintenance tools from trusted brands like Bosch and Powerbase are durable and ready to tackle even the wildest of lawns.


We have a range of models of lawnmowers available, each equipped with their own specifications and accessories to make trimming your grass a breeze! To ensure you select the best mower for your garden, it’s important to consider several factors:

What are Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers?

Self-propelled lawn mowers can be ideal if you’re looking for a low-energy and time-saving approach to gardening. Self-propelled mowers automatically operate at a constant speed, meaning there’s no need to manually push the mower across your lawn. All you need to do is simply follow your mower and guide it around your garden, as it pulls itself forward and does all the hard work for you!

What are the Best Lawn Mowers?

To find the optimal lawn mower for your garden, you should consider the size and shape of your garden. For example,petrol lawn mowers are favourable if you have a larger expanse of grass to cover as they tend to be more powerful and sport a greater trimming width. However,electric lawn mowers tend to be cheaper, lighter and easier to manoeuvre if you suffer from mobility problems or own a smaller garden. Also, whether you opt for a cylinder function, which ‘slices’ grass, or a rotary function, which ‘chops’, is dependent on the lawn finish you’re looking for.