Compost Bins & Waste Bags

A compost bin allows you to make full use of kitchen scraps and provides a valuable source of food for your garden. Go green and make better use of your garden waster with the Homebase range of composters. Here you'll also find a collection of waste bags, including bin liners and durable all-purpose waste bags.

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Compost can perk up plants and help new ones grow to their full potential. Place your compost bin in a corner of the garden, tucked out of sight and top it up regularly with food waste from the kitchen – everything from vegetable offcuts to eggshells and coffee grounds can be added. Large and small compost bins are available to suit every type of gardener and household. A range of incinerators are also available at Homebase for getting rid of large amounts of leaves during autumn.

We also provide a variety of waste bags, from bin liners to garden waste bags to ensure you have everything you need. Discover the full collection and find the perfect solution for your outdoor space..