Croton in basket

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Product Description

Colour your home with this coloured foliage plant. Especially for the dark midwinter days to bring some colourful 'joy' into your room. A retro product and finished with a lovely basket

  • Most coloured foliageplant

  • Robust plant with tropical performance

  • Typical shapes of foliage

  • Air cleaner

  • Very lovely in combination with a basket

Product Details

Feeding instructions
For best results, use a general houseplant fertilizer once in early spring, once in early summer, and again in mid-summer. Do not feed in the fall or winter.
Sold in store as mixed variety code
3 liters
Also available in Colour
Smaller and bigger potsizes, branched plants, More mixed up varieties
Additional information
The croton is an easy-to-grow houseplant known for its variegated foliage covered in green, scarlet, orange, and yellow splotches.
Height 60-70cm and width 30-40cm
Care instructions
Croton leaves are dust magnets. Gently wipe the leaves with a moist cloth twice a month to keep them clean and dust-free. If humidity is low in your home, mist around the leaves with water once a week or keep a tray of wet gravel near the plant. Don?t panic if your plant drops a few leaves upon arrival. Generally, the Croton Petra does not like to be moved, so a few falling leaves within a week doesn?t mean you are doing anything wrong. Make sure you follow the water and light guidelines and before you know it you will have fresh, tender leaves that will soon mature to their full, blazing glory!
Colour of foliage
Variegated foliage with colours red, yellow and green
Planting instructions
Repot the plant in the spring if it has grown too large for its current pot.
Planting position
Rate of growth
Soil type
Croton plants grow best in soil that allows for adequate draining while still maintaining enough moisture to foster growth. If the growing medium retains too much water, the plant may become subject to root rot.
Watering instructions
When the soil begins to dry out, water the plant thoroughly until the water flows out the bottom of the container. They are not as thirsty as other indoor plants, but will drop leaves if kept too dry. Take note?wilting for a Croton means too much water.
Latin name
Codiaeum variegatum Excellent
Eventual height
Eventual width
Safety information
Moderately toxic to pets and humans. Typically, ingestion will cause mouth and stomach irritation and possible vomiting.
Pot size
Room temperature
This plant prefers temperatures between 60-70 degrees. Keep your Croton away from drafts and cold areas like a windowpane in the winter.
Room position
Place croton in a sunny location such as an eastern, southern, or western window. If a croton is getting too little light, its newer leaves will be less colorful.

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