Cottage White Primed Etch Glazed Interior Door 1981 x 686mm

GBP 210.0


Clear glazed featuring a distinctive vertical etch, the Cottage glazed design is perfect for brightening dark corners and will certainly lift your interior above the ordinary.

This is an Extra Choice product. Please see the Extra Choice information within customer services for more details.

  • This door's solid core gives it a reassuringly premium feel that you'll experience every time it closes with a satisfying noise. Look no further for an exceptionally dependable door.
  • Add your touch - this door is supplied primed white, so you can add your own unique flair to mirror your personality.
Product Dimensions (H)x(W)x(D):
1981 x 686 x 35mm
Maximum Trimmable Dimensions:
If the door is to be reduced in size, an equal amount of timber should be trimmed from either side or bottom, this must never exceed 10mm in total, 5mm each side and 6mm from the bottom. We do not recommend trimming the top of the door