Cottage FLB Sliding Barn Clear Glazed Door with Industrial Track 2073 x 862mm

GBP 410.0


These modern country style sliding barn doors are perfect for use in kitchens and particularly for pantries, where space for a standard swinging door may be limited.

This is an Extra Choice product. Please see the Extra Choice information within customer services for more details.

  • As well as its space-saving functionality, this door is easy to install and helps to create a distinctive upmarket look that will stand the test of time.
  • An easy glide mechanism for a quieter and smoother closing action, plus a trackless design to keep flooring uninterrupted and hazard-free.
  • Wonderfully grained mindi doors are sure to attract attention in the home.
Product Dimensions (H)x(W)x(D):
2073 x 862 x 35mm
Maximum Trimmable Dimensions:
Door should not be trimmed as they are part of the