Cactusmix 12cm

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Product Description

Brighten up your room with this fantastic range of easy to care for Cacti. Outstanding varieties with rock-cacti, column-cacti, bol-cacti and other special shaped varieties.

  • Fantastic range of colours in cacti

  • In many shapes available: Rock-cacti, column-cacti, bol-cacti, fantastic shaped cacti.

  • Very easy to care for

  • Premium Cacti mix

  • Very trendy in any kind of room

Product Details

Feeding instructions
Use a low nitrogen fertilizer at about _ to _ the recommended rate
Sold in store as mixed variety code
1 Litre
Also available in Colour
Smaller and bigger potsizes, in ceramics
Additional information
Cacti are very beloved of its easy care. Sill can stand cold and heats so very any room your favourite cacti
Height 15-25cm and width 12-15cm
Care instructions
Direct sun and light are not the same! Highlighted places are doing well but like human beings plants will burn in direct sunlight with staying there for a long period. Don't water too much; plants can stand droughts
Colour of foliage
Green, red, yellow and white coloured
Planting instructions
In many cases it is best to under pot rather than over pot, when potting slower growing or rot prone species. The more substrate in the pot, the more water that is going to be stored in the pot; larger pots take longer to dry out which can lead to potential problems with rot. Cactus like Cereus, Trichocereus, Stenocereus, Myrtillocactus, Opuntia are usually suitable for larger pots since they are not as sensitive. Your substrate mix and local climate play an important role in this as well. A top dressing of crushed granite or pea gravel looks good and has benefits as well. It keeps the topsoil from drying out faster than the rest of the soil in the pot, keeps the base of the plant dry and assists in the even distribution of water through the soil
Rate of growth
Soil type
Most commercial potting soils are too rich in fresh organic matter for these plants. The most important factor in choosing a planting medium is that it allows food, water and air to get to the roots and is porous enough to let water drain through. Many growers use a mix of a low peat planter mix and pumice (50/50). Sand, small pebbles and vermiculite are ingredients added by many successful growers and hobbyists. Experiment with different combinations to discover the right combination for your conditions
Watering instructions
Most cactus and succulents have an active period about 1/3 of the year. During this active period watering can be frequent and fertilizer applied. The most active time for most cacti is during the spring and early parts of summer. As this period passes, it is best to reduce the frequency of watering as winter approaches. They require very little water during the cold months. A good watering once a week in hot weather and once a month in the dormant period is a good point to start as you learn your plants needs. Another approach is when the soil is completely dry, water thoroughly then let dry. If in doubt, don't water
Latin name
Cactus cultivars
Eventual height
Eventual width
Safety information
Caution - skin and eye irritant/toxic if eaten
Pot size
Room temperature
Cacti are so easy care; Plants can stand almost every temperature. Because of cultivation a little bit frost won't hurt the plants and highest room-temperature won't cause problems
Room position
Can stand high lighted places but not for a long period. Best place is near to a window with curtains

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