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Garden for all seasons

Autumn is the most important season for lawn care. As the days get cooler and shorter, it’s the ideal time to over seed and prepare your lawn ready to enjoy next spring and summer

Garden tools for an Autumnal Garden

Whether you're maintaining the grass or planning a new lawn from seed, areation is key - so give it room to breathe with a digging fork and encourage new growth by removing fallen leaves

Garden lawn care

A light scarification will ‘comb’ out any unwelcome thatch and moss. Help stimulate root growth with Autumn lawn care products. You could try one of our easy-to-use scarifiers, but with grass growth slowing down, be sure to be gentle.

Autumn planting & Spring bulbs

When it comes to planting bulbs, Autumn is the best time to do it so they can produce strong roots before winter and your garden can blossom come spring.

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