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Gardening jobs in the Winter

Winter is the perfect season for getting ahead and doing jobs in the garden that will allow you to enjoy your garden in early Spring. It is a good time to tackle those smaller jobs that keep the garden and patio tidy, as well as pruning some fruit trees. Putting out bird feeders will help hungry birds and keep them away from fruit and vegetable seeds you’ve already planted. But if you’d rather be indoors, start planning your garden and ordering in seeds so you’re ready to plant out in Spring.

Garden tidy jobs

Jobs for the flower garden

  • Prune rose bushes and remove any crossing or dead branches
  • Use weedkiller to tackle any stray weeds and roots from borders
  • Remove any faded flowers left over from last year, such as winter pansies
  • Order your seeds and propagators now so they’re ready to plant in Spring

Jobs for the fruit and vegetable garden

  • Get ready to plant potatoes, onions, and shallots which area ideally planted at the end of January
  • Prune apple trees and pear trees
  • Plan your fruit and vegetable plot for the year and order some fruit trees ready for planting in Spring

Feed the wildlife

  • Hang bird feeders with seeds and fat balls out for hungry birds and at the same time keep them away from your plants and seeds
  • Keep bird baths topped up and free from ice

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