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Built to last. Winner of Which? Large Home Appliance Brand 2020. 
With over 120 years of German Craftsmanship, Miele has remained a family-run business and true to its "Immer Besser" (Forever Better) brand promise. Miele is renowned for design, performance and market-leading innovations and offer quality products that have been subjected to the strictest stress and endurance tests for peace of mind. That's why Miele has won Which? Large Kitchen Brand 2020. 


A place for every type of food: Miele refrigeration appliances come equipped with special features to keep food fresh, freeze it or store it, all under optimum conditions. Whether you choose a built-in or freestanding appliance or a product from the high-end range is up to you.

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Miele ovens are examples of genuinely crafted products assembled with the highest standards down to the component parts. Miele manufactures all of their own electronics and why one factory technician assembles the whole oven from start to finish, to guarantee the utmost precision, with their signature in the serial number. Such precision is why Miele ovens are the most accurate on the market, guaranteeing perfect results every time.

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Warming Drawers

The 4 in 1 appliance - from cooking rare roast beef to winter casseroles and of course, keeping plates and food warm. Miele warming drawers are essentially a second oven with fan assistance and temperature controls between 45 to 80 degrees, perfect for slow cooking.
Choose from the 4 functions: plate warming, cup warming, keeping food warm and low temperature cooking. Control wirelessly with theMiele@Mobile app for ultimate flexibility and convenience.

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Gas, induction or ceramic? Miele offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to hobs. The KM7000 induction range is both intuitive and smart. Miele's touch control operation allows users to select a zone and then simply choose the required power level, along with convenient functions such as the lock, the timer function and Stop & Go. With permanent pan recognition, the intelligent hob highlights the zones where the pans are placed for quick access to power settings and when the pan is removed the power supply is stopped.

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Miele is the only home appliance brand to test all of our products for the equivalent of 20 years’ use - that's 10,000 wash hours, equivalent to 5 washes per week for 20 years, so that you can be rest assured that your appliance will stand the test of time. The patented Honeycomb Drum is specially designed to create a cushion effect, protecting your clothes from snagging. Miele’s Heat Pump EcoDry technology costs less than £2.50 per month with a lifetime energy saving of 58% and PerfectDry reduces over drying and shrinkage, whilst ensuring you only use the energy you need.

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Miele dishwashers offer perfect results, every time. With capacity for 14 place settings and market leading technology no wonder all Miele dishwashers have won a Which? Best buy award. Miele’s unique Automatic program only uses the minimum amount of water and electricity required for perfect results and when used with AutoDos, automatic detergent dispensing system, and AutoOpen drying Miele dishwashers really do all the work for you. All of Miele's designs have a high energy-efficiency rating, use as little as 6L of water and are tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use - Miele really is the smarter choice.

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Which? and QuietMark award winning range, the Miele Hoods are an essential part of any kitchen. With a wide range of choice from canopy hoods to downdraft 2 in 1 hoods. Miele hoods are renowned for their ability at removing airborne grease and the filters can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. What’s more the hood will notify you when you need to clean the filters, giving you continuous peace of mind.

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Micro Combi

The Miele microwave combination oven can be used as a fully-fledged oven with a temperature range of 30 to 250 degrees and a microwave oven with 80-1000W power. You also have the ability to combine both oven heat and microwave for quicker and improved cooking results. The interior of Miele microwave ovens is made from stainless steel. This not only ensures efficient distribution of the microwaves but also allows easy cleaning of the appliance.


Steam cooking offers a wealth of benefits. Thanks to Miele's external steam generation, the first rise in temperature is provided purely by steam rather than the heating of the cavity and this avoids the drying out of food. Correctly steamed vegetables retain 50% more vitamins than those boiled in water and benefit from increased appearance, taste, aroma and texture.


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Miele are a family-run company with a long history of creating high-end domestic appliances. For 120 Years, they've been defined by the slogan: ‘Immer Besser’. Which simply means they never stop perfecting, refining, innovating and inventing. With this mindset Miele perfect every product and range not only with the upmost quality but an innovative approach.