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Radiator Covers

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Whether your radiator is looking a little worse for wear or you simply dislike their austere appearance, stay cosy in style with our easy to assemble radiator covers. With a variety of sizes, colours and finishes to explore, Homebase radiator covers provide effective heat distribution while ensuring a flawless fit. You can even customise your covering with our unpainted version - the options are endless!


To protect small fingers from burns or to create an attractive interior feature, there are plenty of reasons to consider investing in radiator covers.

Radiator covers work by fitting snugly around your radiator while still allowing hot air to circulate around the room effectively. They're a great way to transform unattractive radiators into stylish centrepieces, and provide a handy shelf for displaying ornaments and decorations.

Our Homebase radiator covers have grills or wooden slats on the front. This not only looks appealing but allows the heat from your radiator to reach all corners of your room. With a variety of widths available, our selection of radiator covers has a design to fit horizontal radiators of all dimensions.

If you're looking for a cover to match your walls or wanting to personalise with a quirky pattern, opt for one of our unpainted options. Simply prime the wood and then apply paint with a roller for an even application. Depending on the shade you're using, you'll need two to three coats for an opaque finish.