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Bemis Toilet Seats

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If you’re looking for a replacement toilet seat for your bathroom, Homebase has a selection of standard seats so you can find the best style for you. You can also read our toilet seat buying guide for more information or to learn how to measure for your new toilet seat.

Our seats for toilets are strong and easy to fit. This will provide durability over time and mean you won't have to change them as often. We have small and large seats in a range of different shapes from square, round and d-shaped, if you're unsure about the appropriate size of your toilet, consult with one of our experts at your local Homebase.

To suit different bathroom aesthetics our plastic toilet seats come in three colours, black, grey, and white. We also offer wooden toilet seats in a variety of colours if you prefer a different finish. The availability of colours may depend on the manufacturer and specific model, but we will ensure to find you something perfect for your bathroom.

We also offer soft toilet seats. These are a popular choice with a convenient feature for bathrooms. Soft closing toilet seats are modern with a mechanism that involves hinges that can control the closing speed. If you do purchase this option, we have a blog on how to install a soft close toilet seat that can help guide you.

How do you remove a toilet seat?

Removing a toilet seat is quick and simple. Visit our blog on how to replace a toilet seat for further instructions.

How do you measure a toilet seat?

Measuring a toilet seat properly is important when finding the perfect seat to fit the bowl. Our guide on how to measure a toilet seat will provide you with the tips you need to do it right.

How do you stop a toilet seat from moving?

To stop a wobbly toilet seat, tighten the bolts at the hinges and consider using a thread locker for added security. Check for worn-out parts, and place on non-slip bumpers for extra stability.

How do you fit a toilet seat?

Fitting a toilet seat is a simple job that can transform your bathroom in less than 30 minutes. Please visit our article on how to fit a toilet seat for a step-by-step method.

Why is my toilet seat turning grey?

There are several factors that can contribute to a toilet seat turning grey over time. It could be material degradation due to exposure to cleaning chemicals, sunlight or simply just wear and tear. If your toilet seat is turning grey then try using white vinegar and water, it's a great remedy to clean stubborn stains. If your toilet seat is between 3-5 years old, it may mean it's time to buy a new one.