Spring clean

Make your home sparkle with a spring clean. With our selection of products & top tips your spring cleaning can be easy, effective & enjoyable.

Top Tips:

  • Avoid carpet indents when you move your furniture by placing an ice cube on the dent, leave to melt completely & then vacuum over the top.
  • Prevent your bathroom mirror from steaming up by regularly rubbing a dry bar of soap over the glass & then rub over with a clean cloth.
  • If the bottom of your iron needs a clean, sprinkle the ironing board with salt & simply iron back & forth
  • Make your grouting white again by using vinegar & an old toothbrush to scrub away the dirty marks. Vinegar will also leave your taps with a shine.
  • Eliminate those bad bin smells by sprinkling baking soda at the bottom of the bin & then once again after you put a new bag in.
  • For an instant fresh spring feel, fill your home with colourful blooms to really welcome spring.

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Recommended products:


  • Using coarse scouring materials can scratch the surface of stainless steel, instead use Method Stainless Steel Cleaner with a gentle cloth to take care of the more sensitive materials in the kitchen.
  • Use YOU Kitchen cleaner around the sink, draining board & taps to remove baked on food & grease.
  • Tackle dirty floors with Ecover Floor Soap, suitable for use on all hard floors, plus it's environmentally friendly with no harsh chemicals.


  • If you're looking for an environmentally friendly product, YOU bathroom solution works to remove limescale & grime from surfaces.
  • Easy to use flushable wipes from Method are handy for daily clean ups around the toilet and sink. They can be flushed away & do not cause any drain blockages.
  • Finish off with a Method handwash bottle, gentle on the skin yet full of fragrance.

Living room

  • E-cloth general purpose cloth can be used dry to dust surfaces, it can also be used wet to remove dirt, grease & bacteria from your surfaces. 
  • YOU Window Solution is suitable for use on TV screens, computers and windows, leaving a mild citrus scent lingering in the air.
  • Finish off cleaning with a spritz of Method Air Freshener in Beach Sage, Sweet Tangerine, Wild Poppy or French Lavender.