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After sales care

Booking your delivery

  • After you place an order in store you will receive a letter that details all the items you have purchased. We recommend you check the list to ensure you are happy with your items.
  • You will receive a call within 7 days of your purchase to book your delivery.
  • If you have not heard from us within 7 days then it would be advisable to call us on 0345 600 2420.

Note: Off-shore islands
Unfortunately we do not deliver to off-shore islands and therefore you will need to provide an address of your nearest port. Homebase will deliver the goods to the port and then the customer needs to arrange their own courier to the off-shore island

Post booking your delivery

  • You will receive a letter once your order is booked confirming the delivery date. This letter will arrive within 7 days of the telebooking call.
  • If you need to change their delivery date, we need 4 weeks notice in order to do this for kitchens and 3 weeks notice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Time slot confirmation

  • You will be sent a text message reminder 7 and 5 days before delivery. If we have no mobile number on the order we will attempt to leave an answer machine voice message on your landline. If there is no voicemail facility on the landline, please contact us to confirm the actual delivery time 0345 600 2420
  • You will receive a letter approx 3 days before your delivery. This letter will give an estimated time slot however this can change before your delivery. To do this please contact us on 0345 600 2420.
  • You will receive your time slot (within a 4 hour time window) 1 day before your delivery either via a text or voice message. Unfortunately the time window cannot be changed as this is based on the route for deliveries that day.

Day of delivery

  • You will receive a call from our delivery driver before 10am on the day of delivery to confirm the time slot given to you on the previous day and to make sure the someone is at your home for the delivery.
  • The driver will arrive at your property and will wait until the house is open before starting to unload any your products.
  • All products will be taken to the room of your choice provided it is safe to do so and provided there is limited risk of us damaging your property.
  • We recommend
    • Moving any items that could potential break when moving the products into your home.
    • Covering your floor coverings if possible.
  • Please ensure you provide enough room for drivers to enter the room of choice leaving space for manoeuvring corners. The size of the order is approximately the size of a double bed and the space should be clear enough to walk around it.
  • If the drivers will need to climb stairs, they should be free from debris and safe to climb.
  • Drivers can refuse to deliver to room of choice if there is a risk to their safety or a risk of damaging the customers property in the process although every care is taken not to do this.
  • Please note - Worktops will need to be stored flat to avoid bowing. Worktops store upright or leaning against a staircase can be susceptible to bowing.
  • When the driver has delivered all products into your home, the drivers will scan all ordered products using the despatch note copied from the customers receipt.
  • We recommend to watch all items being scanned and ideally check the items off with the driver, to make sure you have everything at point of delivery.
  • You will be asked to sign an electronic POD for your products for confirmation of receiving your products. The driver will point these out to the customer.

Damaged products

  • If damaged boxes are found the product should be opened with the driver present and the product checked.
  • Damaged items should be returned to the driver and clearly noted on your POD.
  • Damaged items noted on the POD will be replaced automatically and replacements sent in 5 days for a 1 man product and 7-10 days for 2 man products.