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Life Improvement - The Theory

The theory behind Life Improvement

Life Improvement is based on the simple theory that the environment you live in can directly affect your mood.  Find out why small improvements to your home can also improve your life.

Why it works...

It’s undeniable - in today's society we live in an "always on" culture, where omnipresent technology keeps us hungry for information updates and a constant stream of social interaction.  For many of us, this barrage can be stressful and exhausting - so it’s not surprising that many find it hard to find some mental clarity, unwind and relax. Can this really be good for our physical and mental health?


Well research suggests not. The World Health Organisation states that the stress related symptoms of cardio vascular disease and mental health issues are likely to be the two prime contributors to illness by 2020. So what can the design of our homes do to help us alleviate this?

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Homebase's Life Improvement campaign investigates what the issues are, and provides answers as to how we can improve our health and well-being at home. We want to help you to create a home that is a happier, healthier and more calming space to live.


The answers aren't necessarily grand design gestures but are often found in smaller design solutions that make the home a better place to live.

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Improving access to natural light is good for our mental well-being plus can help us sleep better at night by balancing up our circadian rhythms - reducing irritation, improving our health, family relations, and even improving our cognitive focus.


Clearing the clutter and providing smart storage solutions will reduce the visual stress in the home. It allows you to create more characterful space, and helps you to get on with the things that you love doing more readily, be its crafts, hobbies, or exercise.


Creating the right balance of private and social space will allow you to interact with family and friends but also allow you the quiet space to recuperate after a stressful day, re-energising you for the day ahead.


Incorporating plants and references to nature has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure and heart rates, improving recuperation rates after exhausting tasks by combatting stress.

Finding ways to incorporate plants around the home and improve views and spaces in the garden is essential. Added to that, many plants can even improve the air quality of your home.

Our homes are the most important places in our lives - energising us for the day ahead, helping us to recuperate us after the one just been. Smart design can be a force for good, and our Life Improvement ideas aim to inspire a home that not only looks great, but also improves your physical health and psychological well-being.


Happier healthier homes, with Homebase and Oliver Heath – what could be better?

Our Design and Wellbeing Expert explains all...

Why improving your home improves your life

Oliver Heath on the theory behind Life Improvement

Try it for yourself - pick an area to get started...

Discover our range of home design ideas for life improvement here at Homebase. Whether you're looking for living room ideas, bathroom ideas or how to make the most out of your garden we have the tips and products to help with all home projects.

We've worked with interior designer Oliver Heath to provide a range of tips that can help to improve both your home and wellbeing. It's long been said that a tidy home can equal a tidy mind, but there are other aspects of interior design such as colour and lighting that can have an affect on our mood too.

Browse our range of life improvement products online today, and discover more around the different fundamental pillars that create the campaign - from perfecting multi-functional spaces to ensuring you have enough high quality sleep. Shop our range online.