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We may love buying things, but finding somewhere to put them can be less fun. Discover ways to keep calm by minimising clutter and creating storage for your favourite things.

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Living in a consumer society can be great, providing all sorts of lifestyle benefits, but many of us struggle to keep on top of this within our home. The things we buy or find over the years can start to mount up and create clutter, which can start to put a physical and mental strain on family life.  On top of this, when areas within our home become cluttered, we struggle to create a sense of character and identity which says so much about who we are, as it gets lost amongst the chaos.

It might sound obvious, but the best way we can tackle clutter is by having a good clear out. Don’t just chuck everything into a skip – take it to your local charity shop or recycle as much as you can. Equally, by having a good range of storage within your home can help to organise everything you need, as well as giving the family a clear calm space to express themselves.

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Before I start thinking about spaces in the home I always consider the key pieces of storage furniture I want to use, and figure out where they are going to go. I personally recommend that 20% of floor space within a room needs to be dedicated to storage - this may sound like a lot but it’s what I believe takes to clear a space within a modern family household, in order to create a sense of calm.

There are many types of storage of different shapes and sizes, which can be used in the home, so there’s no excuse. Think long-term storage to hide items away, functional storage for the things you need more often and decorative storage to display the items that mean the most to you. This goes for the garden too where you’ll want to consider a space for tools and equipment perhaps even a shed to store the bikes.

Built-in cupboards use space the most efficiently and create a strong architectural quality within a room. I recommend adding cupboard doors to this type of unit, creating a neat clean finish to the unit. In the kitchen these can be ingeniously improved with racks, sliding baskets and trays.

Free-standing pieces of furniture such as cupboards, sideboards, and drawer units are functional as well as decorative – however you’ll need to keep an eye that they don’t become cluttered.

Free standing items can also be the smaller storage items that are good to have in each room; be it toy storage for the lounge or bedrooms, under bed storage boxes on wheels, a good laundry basket or coat hooks and shoe racks for the hallway.

Finally, decorative pieces like bookshelves, niches and plinths allow you to display personal objects such as picture frames as well as lamps and plants, in order to re-create and strengthen a sense of identity and character to your home.

Storage is a key aspect for creating a sense of calm and relaxation in your home – so perhaps there is some mileage in the old saying “a tidy room is a tidy mind”. Whilst strict minimalism isn’t for everyone, it’s important to create enough storage to help clear the clutter and give the things that define who you are and what you love, the opportunity to shine.

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Many of us dream of a tidy home, however sometimes our belongings and mementos can make our homes look cluttered. Ensuring you have the correct level of storage for your home can benefit not just the space we live in - but our minds as well.

Discover our range of storage ideas to tidy away your shoes, the kids toys or whatever else makes your home feel cramped. Whether you require a new piece of furniture, or a more flexible solution such as storage bags and boxes to stow away in the loft, we have something for every requirement.

De-cluttering your house can help you and your family to respect your space slightly more, preventing you from allowing it to become messy and untidy again. Shop our range of life improvement products online and tidy up your home today.