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Social spaces

A busy family home needs spaces inside and outside where family and friends can strengthen relationships. Discover how to create welcoming social hubs using cleverly placed furniture.

Social spaces and Life Improvement...

Our social spaces within the home are increasingly becoming squeezed, in part due to technology creeping into our everyday lives. A recent Harvard University study, carried out over 75 years, indicated that the key to achieving greater happiness in life is in creating strong relations with family and friends.

The home can be improved in all sorts of ways to make it a much more sociable place, where we can feel more connected to one another. The lounge, once the main social space within the home, is now more often than not somewhere that friends and family gather to watch the TV or look at their tablets. Or even worse - often at the same time - double screening alert! Garden and patio areas are often neglected or aren’t made the most of because they lack good seating or a play area for the children. When this is the case, children feel more inclined to stay indoors and play on their tablets or smart phones instead of interacting with their natural environment.

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In my work I always aim to strengthen social ties within the spaces and furniture that I choose. I believe that the dining table is the most important social piece of furniture in the home - one that all family life should revolve around. Making sure that the family eat regularly around the dining table is a good way of keeping in contact and finding out what everybody is up to.

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The garden is another good space for socialising, particularly in the summer. Whether it’s creating a quiet corner with a bench, a series of recliners, an outside table with a BBQ, a fire pit with seats and even some lighting - it’s important to make sure that it’s made a desirable space for family and friends to hang out. Creating good sight lines between the kitchen, dining area and the garden is a good way to encourage sociability as it generates eye contact and spontaneous conversation.

There are lots of other little spaces in the home which can also be made more sociable. It could be a quiet corner with two armchairs and a coffee table next to a window. Or even adding a chair into the bathroom can encourage members of the family to stop by and have a chat whilst you’re getting ready for an evening out or bathing the kids. Moments like this can trigger conversation about what’s happening in life and strengthen a social connection.

Lack of social interaction can potentially lead to an unhappy home life, having an impact on our stress levels and well-being.  Encouraging all types of social spaces in our homes creates a better connection between you and your loved ones, leading to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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