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When you’re short of sleep, the world can feel less bright.  See how ditching digital distractions, softening your lighting and indulging in super soft bedding can make it easier to drift off to sleep.

Sleep and Life Improvement...

Getting the right amount of good quality sleep is a problem that many of us face. According to the BBC, 25% of the British population suffer from some form of sleep disorder. However, long term sleep deprivation can lead to all sorts of well-being problems, which can have an impact on our relationships, health and work. These include irritability, poor decision making and attention levels as well as longer term health issues such as diabetes, depression and heart disease.

Getting a good night’s sleep starts long before your head hits the pillow and so making some small changes, getting the design of your home right and setting a few rules will really help.

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It goes without saying that your bed is essential to a good night’s sleep. It’s worth doing your research and really spend time deciding how firm you’d like your mattress - you’ll be spending a lot of time on it in the future! Fresh sheets, soft pillows and throws will also help you create the perfect sleeping environment and body temperature.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary – so be sure to create a calm relaxing space. Clearing the clutter will help your mind unwind and relax before you close your eyes. Storage can help, so invest in built-in or free standing cupboards with shelves and rails for clothes hangers. A raised bed (with legs) will even reveal space underneath for a storage box on wheels.

Exposure to natural light is key to getting a good night’s sleep. In urban situations, particularly in winter months, many of us don’t get enough exposure to natural daylight, which leads to imbalances of our circadian rhythms, affecting our sleep-wake cycles. If this affects you, then an intense burst of natural day light first thing in the morning can help. Ultimately, we need to recognise how important it is to have access to natural light throughout the day in order to improve our sleep. Having said that, in midsummer extremes of dawn and dusk light can hinder sleep, so blackout blinds and good thick curtains are essentials.

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Increased interaction with technology is interfering with our daily routines and sleep-wake cycles. At night, many of us have our phones or tablets close to our bed, making it tempting to check emails or flick through social media sites before we sleep. We should ideally put the technology down 2 hours before we go to sleep, as the blue light that the screen gives off stimulates our brain, making it more difficult for us to fall asleep. A simple trick is to use a string of fairy lights in a coloured glass jar - (like a warm orange) creating the sleep enhancing ambience of a relaxing sunset in your bedroom.

Poor air quality is a hidden danger. As our homes become more sealed and more insulated, there’s less opportunity for built up moisture to escape. Instead, it condenses onto walls, which can eventually lead to damp and harmful mould growth.

To avoid this, make sure your room is well ventilated every day. Some windows can be locked partially open or are fitted with small trickle vents to create continuous background ventilation. In the day time, it’s important to allow the moist air in your bedroom to mix with fresh air in the rest of the home; so be sure to leave bedroom doors open.

Vacuuming your room regularly will remove dust from floors and airborne toxins. Hard surfaces such as floorboards are easier to clean as opposed to carpets which can trap dust. But a happy medium would be a solid floor surface, such as timber boards, with a rug which will be easier to clean more thoroughly. It’s also worth remembering that house plants such as ferns, ivies and palms are excellent at removing toxins and CO2 from the air – whilst helping to balance up moisture indifferences throughout the day.

Sleeping well and regularly is essential to Life Improvement, it’s fundamental to our health, well-being and happiness in all areas of our lives. It’s easy to overlook the problems, but with a few simple rules and changes to your home a good night’s rest is just a few yawns away.

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