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Private spaces

Everyone occasionally needs time alone to regroup and recharge their batteries. Learn how to make your bedroom and bathroom more relaxing and calming with clever lighting, plants and tactile textures.

Private spaces and Life Improvement...

It seems universally true - our lives are getting faster and our time is constantly becoming filled. It’s difficult to escape the stresses and strains of work and everyday urban living to find some peace of mind. Our homes need private spaces where we can have time out from our busy everyday lives to recuperate and re-energise. Research tells us that finding dedicated spaces to sit quietly, to restore our mental and physical energy, allows us to get back to our normal productive daily routines more quickly.

But how and where do we incorporate these into our homes? There is no big secret to this, it doesn’t have to be complicated – the key is just to find a quiet space out of main circulation routes, where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Why not try a nice arm chair with a footstool, side table and lamp, positioned next to a view out to the garden – you may even want to add a soft cushion and a throw to make it that little bit cosier.

Studies have demonstrated that simply looking at plants or greenery, particularly lush, bio diverse areas like a healthy garden can reduce blood pressure and heart rates. As a result, this can naturally reduce stress levels and help us to find that bit of calm so badly needed after a long day at work.

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I believe that essential private spaces within the home are the bedroom and the bathroom. The bathroom is a multi-sensory area: the soothing experience of being immersed or soaked in water, the fragrances of soaps and candles and the feel of soft towels and bath mats. It’s a retreat where you can escape to within the chaos of the home. An invigorating shower can help energise you for the day ahead, while soft candles and lighting can creating a relaxing ambience to help you unwind after a long day. Also, knowing you can just lock the bathroom door can create a secure space where you know you won’t be disturbed.

Bedrooms are both personal and private, which can be a good recuperative space. Incorporating calming, tonal colour schemes and soft furnishings, cosy bedding, cushions and a throw will make your bedroom a warmer and more comfortable space to chill out. Soft dimmable lighting and controlled natural light are also fundamental for creating the right mood and atmosphere that’s going to help you relax.

My final tip is to try and avoid bringing tablets or smart phones into the bedroom, particularly close to bedtime. Not only do they distract you from being in the moment, but the blue light they give off can stimulate your brain, which can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Great private spaces don’t need to be constrained to the interior of your home – find a quiet green corner in the garden for a recliner, cushions, side table and garden lighting, then make 10 minutes to take a break - it can be a wonderful recuperative space in the middle or end of the day.

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make real Life Improvement within the home. Creating refuge spaces for private calming moments is fundamental for restoring our mental and physical energy, helping us to relax after a long day and invigorate us before a busy day ahead.

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