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Life Improvement - Plants and Nature

Plants & nature

As well as being attractive to look at, plants can also balance moisture levels to remove toxins. Learn how to embrace the health-boosting benefits of plants in your home and garden.

Plants and nature and Life Improvement...

The spaces in which we live and work are becoming increasingly urbanised. For a long time, we’ve felt that buildings and nature should never mix, making a clear physical distinction between the two. Yet when we imagine calm, stress free spaces we are often drawn not to urban locations, but healthy, lush environments in nature that can create a sense of recuperation and restoration of our physical and mental energy. A perfect example is that when we take holidays many of us choose to head for the beach, mountains or forests to find that calm stress free place surrounded by nature.

Added to which over the last 30 years our homes have become increasingly sealed, and when combined with poor ventilation levels it can lead to poor air quality.

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So what’s the answer to these mental and physical issues that our homes (and us!) are suffering from? Well surprisingly adding indoor plants to a home can benefit in more ways than one.

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As we know, plants can add a sense of vibrancy, colour and texture to an interior, but there are also many physical benefits for those in the home. They can help to level up moisture imbalances; particularly good for our homes during the winter as the air can become dry due to central heating. Plants are also good for improving acoustics in a room, as their leaves can absorb echoed sound produced by hard surfaces - so can help create a warmer feeling space. As well as absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen, plants have the ability to remove common toxins found within the home - a NASA Clean Air Study revealed that some of the best plants for removing toxins were ferns, ivies, peace lilies and palms.

There have also been numerous studies that demonstrate the many psychological benefits of having plants and greenery in the buildings that we live and work in. These tell us that spaces which have a rich sense of biodiversity and that remind us of natural, healthy landscapes help us to recover from periods of stress and strain and to recuperate our mental and physical energy.

As a designer, I always love finding ingenious and innovative ways of incorporating plants into the spaces that I design - gone are the days of sad lost looking pot plants on side-board units. At its simplest it could be an intriguing pretty mix of plants in colourful pots on the window sill.

But there are also loads of creative ways we can incorporate plants into interior spaces, from living green walls, vertical planting devices, air plants, glass jar terrariums, and even string plants hanging from the ceiling. It’s good to find ways for them to sit at a variety of heights, be it floor level, table height or from the ceiling. It adds a sense of delight and magic to any space along with real health and well-being benefits.

Indoor plants - top picks...

Kentia palm
Kentia Palm - 24cm
Orchid in Ceramic
Orchid in Ceramic
Yucca - 24cm

Plants pots - top picks...

Seagrass Planter
Seagrass and Ceramic Planter - 21cm
Dark Red Pot
Dark Red Pot - 15cm
Tundra Planter
Tundra Planter - 21cm

More ideas to improve your life...

The simple changes we can make to improve inside our homes can also be made outside in our gardens - whatever size or space we have. Discover our range of gardening tips and advice to learn how it can have a wide variety of benefits.

Whether you only have space for a pot plant or have a larger space to tend to, our range of gardening products will suit any project. Plants have many physical benefits, but gardening is also good for our mind and wellbeing, with gardening therapy being commonly used.

Add these physical and psychological effects to the inside of your house too by adding house plants and bouquets of flowers to your home. Along with adding life, they also add a splash of colour which can be an affordable way to update your space with the seasons.