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Life Improvement - Multi-functional Spaces

Multi-functional spaces

Our homes are becoming increasingly multi-functional, meaning we need to be smarter about how we use them. Find out how furniture, storage and lighting can help maximise the space in your home.

Multi-functional spaces and Life Improvement...

With our homes and lives becoming ever more filled with activities, it’s important that we start thinking smart about the spaces that we live in. Smart is all about revealing hidden functionality, which opens up the possibility of other static objects and spaces, to allow you to do more in the home. Spaces that suffer from increased functionality in the home are most likely living rooms, lounges and possibly bedrooms.

But how do we use smart thinking to create truly multi-functional spaces? I believe it’s all about seeking more from three key areas: your furniture, storage, and lighting.

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Adaptable furniture, from the simple extending table, to fold away desks and sofa beds, can be an ingenious solution to tackling life’s everyday issues. Combining two functions in one can often help you cater for the needs of daily work activities, extended families, or impromptu social events.

Integrating storage into spaces is a great way to extend flexibility. It may be that you need to store bedding, seasonal clothes or exercise equipment - having the right items to hand can be a seemingly magical solution to cramped spaces. Consider combining open and concealed storage units, storage areas beneath chairs, footstools or beds and getting organised in every storage space that you have. A perfect example is to have a bench in the hallway to combine shoe storage to help you and your family leave the house more easily in the morning.

Flexible lighting controls will allow for a variety of activities in one space. Take the humble dining table for instance. It may need to cater for a number of scenarios: family dining, hobbies, reading, homework or even a romantic meal for two. By fitting a dimmer switch, you can alternate between a well lit table for practical tasks, to a softly lit space combined with flickering candles for a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Flexible spaces are the key to getting more out of your home and improving quality of life with what you already have.

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Almost every room in our modern homes now has another function, whether it is our dressing tables doubling up as a desk in a space-saving bedroom, or our living room pouffes converting from coffee tables to extra seating. Furniture for small spaces, and multi-functional furniture is in high demand in our ever busy lifestyles.

Our range of life improvement products can span every room of the home here at Homebase. Whether you've a kitchen diner, kitchen living room or just a kitchen, shop our range of products and discover what a difference they can make. From small changes to updating your worktop, there is something for every project.

Transform your room to meet your modern demands and improve your life with Homebase. Having a home-office or room of two uses doesn't have to mean you must sacrifice space or style. Discover how smart storage and design can have a dramatic effect on our homes and lives.