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Oliver Heath, Homebase's Design and Wellbeing Expert

Why does improving my home improve my life?

Our homes are the most important places in our lives - energising us for the day ahead, helping us to recuperate after the one just been. Smart design can be a force for good, and our Life Improvement ideas aim to inspire a home that not only looks great, but also improves your physical health and psychological well-being.

Improving your life and home is made simple thanks to Homebase. Whether you are struggling to organise your space and mind, or just crave a bit more family time, we have the advice and products than can help your transformation. Whether you're looking for garden advice, or interior design ideas, here at Homebase we can help with all aspects of your life.

We have worked with interior designer Oliver Heath to offer tips and advice on our fundamental pillars - colour, light, multi-functional spaces, plants & nature, private spaces, social spaces, sleep, storage & workspace - covering all aspects of your home life. Our collection of life improvement products spans every room, from shoe racks in the hallway to new beds to sink into at the end of the day.

Read our guides and watch our videos to discover how simple tweaks to your interior design can have a huge effect on your life and wellbeing - both for you and your family.