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Life Improvement - Colour


The colours we surround ourselves with can have a significant impact on our emotions and wellbeing. Discover how you can manage your mood by using colour in your home.

Colour and Life Improvement...

Colour subconsciously affects numerous daily decisions, whether we’re getting dressed, eating, at work, at the shops or at home. Whilst we make essential colour choices every day many of us forget that it can create mood and atmosphere in the home - and even help us to relax.

There is an interesting idea in colour theory that suggests we are drawn to colours that we have derived positive experiences from, and this can start to inform how and where we use colour in the home. Colours found in nature’s palette tend to generate positive emotions, which can help to boost our mood and well-being. For example, when we think of the colour blue, we tend to associate it with clear bright skies or clean pure water, whilst we usually associate shades of green with plants, vegetation and healthy natural outdoor environment. These images of calming and relaxing settings have the ability to soothe us.

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A warm colour like yellow or orange can remind us of the sun and make us feel comforted, happy and energised, while red is usually indicative of fruits found within healthy natural settings, creating excitement. Interestingly many of these are the colours associated with natural elements found in thriving, lush savannah-like landscapes.

Colour is an important sensory route to improving our well-being as it can help to reduce stress levels and boost our mood, which are key factors in improving our lives. But how do we apply colour in the best way to improve spaces in the home?

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Keep it simple. I personally recommend layering different colours, patterns and textures onto calm backdrops. Using colour in this way is much more flexible and easy to achieve allowing you to change soft furnishings more regularly when you feel that the room needs a fresh look.

Think neutral natural paint colours on walls and then add to this with fabrics, fixtures and fittings, curtains, furniture, cushions and styling items.

Spaces can be made richer and intriguingly complex by adding patterns and textures with cushions, throws and rugs. Plants are a great way to add a pop of natural colour and texture to a room, whilst adding stress reducing calm to the space.

Visual interest and focus can be added by creating a feature wall. In the lounge this could be a fireplace wall; whilst in the bedroom it may be to draw the eye towards the bed head. This can be painted in a darker, richer colour, or even covered in a patterned, colourful wallpaper – which will draw your eye. It may also provide the visual clues for the other colours that you will want to use in the curtains, cushions, throws and furniture.

And who would have thought it, but our choice of colour can even affect our electricity bills. Sticking to a neutral backdrop with lighter surfaces near windows will maximise natural light bouncing into a space - so you’ll feel less inclined to instinctively reach for the light switch (costing you money!) when you enter a room.

Colour affects our choices, mood and behaviour every day and the same is true in the home. Choosing the right colour to suit activity and the desired mood is key to Life Improvement for a happier healthier home.

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