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Herbs from garden to plate

Fill your garden with luscious herbs for a vibrant flush of greenery. Herbs bring visual interest to the garden and they’re tasty too, having fresh herbs to hand is a real luxury if you love to cook. If space is of the essence, herbs are ideal as they grow wonderfully in the ground and also flourish in smaller borders and pots.

For ground cover and to fill in gaps, thyme is a good choice. Mediterranean plants such as coriander and basil make delicious additions to Italian dishes and sauces - seek out a sunny spot for these plants to thrive.

If growing mint is high on your list be sure to keep it away from other herbs as it grows quickly and tends to take over – a pot is a great choice for this delicious and versatile plant. And for longevity, rosemary is a hardy shrub as it has a long flowering season and the aromatic leaves scent the air for much of the year.

For more information on how to grow herbs in your garden, in a pot or on your window sill, take a look at our handy 'How to grow herbs' guide.


Different herb plants:

Choose from these hardy and annual herbs to develop a vibrant herb garden:

Shop all of our herb seeds online or check out our store locator to discover the fresh and new varieties of plants delivered five times a week. 

Top tips:

  • If you’re growing herbs in pots, be sure to keep them well hydrated. Put a saucer of water underneath the pots so they can take on moisture when they need it.
  • For increased vitality add fertiliser to your watering can once a week or plant the herbs with slow-release fertiliser.
  • Regular picking can help some herbs, like basil, to flourish and become more productive. And to cook with herbs, try picking them and drying them so you can use them all year round.

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