Outdoor lighting & heating advice

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There is alot you need to know before you commit to buying the outdoor lighting you feel is necessary for your home. Are you getting new lighting for security reasons? For a functional reason? (e.g. to light up a dark pathway) Or for accent lighting in order to create a certain mood for your garden? These are just a number of questions that need answering before you choose your garden lighting. To help you decide on the right option for you, check out our buyers guide that will walk you through the process.

When the sun drops and the nights start to become a little chilly, introducing some form of outdoor heating can lengthen the time you can spend outdoors enjoying your garden. There are various products in the marketplace today that can help you in this quest so take a look at our outdoor heating buying guide that will narrow down the decision for you.

If you have invited your friends over for a touch of al fresco dining and find yourself struggling to get your chimenea or fire-pit lit first time around, check out our lighting top-tips for getting those flames roaring.