Kitchen lighting buying guide


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As the hub of most homes, your kitchen lighting needs to work for the huge range of activities that can take place in there, from cooking and eating to socialising with friends and family.

There are three main lighting styles you’ll need to consider when planning a lighting scheme for your kitchen. Just think about what you use your room for and then pick from the styles below:


This is a way of lighting your room so it feels as close to day light as possible. It’s great for when you’re socialising as it gives you a bright space the whole family can enjoy. Ceiling lights, including pendants, spots and recessed lighting are the best way to achieve this, as they spread light down and around a room.


This is the ideal lighting for specific jobs such as preparing food, working or doing any other type of close up work, as you can direct light exactly where you need it. Under cabinet lighting will help you prepare food safely, but you can also angle spot lights to fall where you need most light such as by the cooker or the sink.


If you have any interesting features, recesses or interesting art you can use directed light to create a focal point which adds an artistic finishing touch to any room.

Types of kitchen lighting

We've highlighted pendant lights and spotlights as the most practical and stylish types of kitchen lighting.

Pendant Lights

From crystal chandeliers to a simple shade, a pendant can make a real statement. We’ve got designs to enhance every home and and here are some of our pendants that would work great in a kitchen:

Spot lights

Perfect for focussing light in particular areas of your kitchen. Some can also be angled to give you extra light where you need it most, where you prepare food for example. Here are some of our spot lights that would work great in a kitchen:

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